TEMITOPE AND HIS FRIENDS packed his luggage into the house after discussing for few more minutes, all smiling and haopy to be wjth one another again. “This PHCN is really annoying, guys don’t you think we should go out?” Clement asked.

    “We should, I am bored.” Temitope chimed in.

    “I knew you’d be in support of him, you guys should go and return soon.” David told them.

    Temitope hissed. “Wait, which of you is paying the gatekeeper? At this your various ages, you can’t get the gate opened by yourself, right?”

    “We contribute #7,500 at the end of every month, the man collects #15,000. Now that you’ve joined, we should be paying #5,000 each.” Clement grinned.

    “Rubbish boys, I don’t have that money. I think we shoud sack him, I’ll takr over his post and you guys will continue paying #15,000 for me.” His lips opened slightly into a grin.

    “Foolish boy, na your type dem they talk?”

    Temitope hissed. “Guys where should we go to?”

    Clement closed his eyes for few minutes before he finally spoke. “Swimming pool, Eateries, where else?”

    Temitope smiled. “That’s cool too let’s visit the eatery.”

    “Alright.” Clement rushed up to get dressed.


    Tomisin was smiling as she welcomed her friend into the house. It had been a while they saw each other and was a great surprise to see her again. Tolani had been her best friend right from their secondary school days but they never attended the same University to further their studies.

    Though still connected, they were like blood sisters. “Sit down.” She said as she walked to the kitchen to get her a drink. Sighing as she reached the fridge, she was brewing on how her own lifestyle had turned to. She loved how Tolani looked beautiful and shinning in her sleeveless gown. She was enjoying as she worked in one of her father’s company while Tomisin had been unemployed for years.

    She grinned as she served her the drink. “I’m really surprised, really surprised!” Tomisin repeated as she pulled her cheeks and laughed.

    “I couldn’t have forgotten this house, neither you. I have just been busy, extremely busy since I got back from England.”

    “That’s quite cool, you must have enjoyed yourself there.”

    Tolani chuckled. “It is a nice visit, a nice place to study too.”

    Tomisin just kept smiling. “How’s everyone? I really missed you!”
    Tolani grinned. “Everyone is fine. I am getting married in some months time.” She informed as she unzipped her handbag to hand Tomisin her invitation card.

    “Wao! I am dazzled! Honestly, this is great!” She grinned as she checked out the invitation card happily.

    “That’s life, it’s life. I hope you are getting set too.”

    “Getting what set? Tolani, you are going to celebrate this for me!”

    “No problem, go and get dressed, I’ll take you somewhere.” She smiled.

    “That’s nice.” She rushed up into the room to get her father informed.


    “Marriage is not something one can rush to and rush out again, it’s for better, for worse not for better for stay, for worse for leave.” Pelumi wore her shoe.

    Becky smiled. “That’s true but these days, ladies don’t spend a long time in their husbands’ houses, if he fucks up, leave!”

    “What does that mean? I am not that kind of person who marries for months. I don’t have marriage on my list for now.”

    “Why wouldn’t you have it on your list for now? Won’t you get married?”

    “I love it when a person that advises one does what he or she is advising. Look at you, Mark’s wife.” She laughed.

    “Anyhow, I am just after the happiness of your parents and yours. You should get married to make them happy.”

    “Alright, Miss Adviser.”


    Temitope and his friends stepped into the eatery and sat down, all smiling. “It will be nice to be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner here.” Temitope teased them, trying to bring up a discussion.

    “No, we should be living here, then.” Clement hissed.

    David laughed. “I hope you’ve packed your things so that you can be living here.”

    “You guys aren’t serious. David, you should go and order because you are the youngest here.”

    David chuckled. “If I slap you, you’ll be seeing galaxy of stars. Am I the youngest or you this small boy.”

    “Abeg go order I dey hung na!

    “What’s your problem? Na me be Clement?

    Clement smiled. “You have problem. I am happy you both know I’m the eldest here.” His smile turned to a sudden grin.

    “Clement too dey talk.” Temitope laughed. “Let me go and order.” He stood up and went off to order while his friends told him what they wanted.

    “My boys, na your foods be this oh.” He smiled as he brought for two trays of fried rice and served Clement and David. He walked back to pick his own tray and turned back when he saw Tomisin and Tolani walk in.




  1. Mre grease to ur elbow.. I was unable to comment on ur story Trailer on nairaland cos m being banned 4 a week wich is ending on october 16.. I wud av bein the FTC i was onlyn wen u opend the thread…| i knw wat i did dat makes me got bannd… Dnt ask


    1. Lol! I’m sorry about that, you should have dropped a comment on the blog then. Anyways, it’s nice to have you around sir. The ban should end ASAP, and I wasn’t going to ask before, why would I?


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