In the 19th century, 1825.


    The kingdom owes it’s origin to the slavehunters in Maro Kingdom; a kingdom that compelled the village populations scattered over the open country to take a refuge among the rocks surrounding the city.

    As recorded in 1851 and 1864, the forces of Taraka Kingdom defeated  Maroean Slaveraiders.

The Kingdom became independent and lied In a fertile country, the surface of which is broken by masses of grey granites. It was spread over an extensive area, being surrounded by mud walls, 18 miles in extent. Palm-oil, timber, rubber, yams and sheabutter are the chief article of trade. It lied below the Raye Rock, home to several caves and shrine.

…many years after, in the 21st Century. .
      The story, based on:

→→The lady who bore a child for the guy she lost contact with.

“If there is anyone who’s meant to wake up, that is you! He will surely believe because the exact birth mark on him is on Anthony too. Why do you have weird thoughts? My parents sent me out because they thought I conceived a useless child, moreover they were men of God.”

She had a friend:

“One thing is that Nicholas doesn’t know you were pregnant then, do you expect him to believe he is the father of Anthony? Girl, I repeat, wake up!”

She didn’t want to remarry:

“After suffering for ten years on the child, you still want me to marry a man that will make life miserable for my son and I? Even if Nicholas is married, I will still take care of my son without the help of any man.”

    She kept her promise, didn’t want any guy, not even Frank- her boss

“Let mine be the first. Let’s go and eat together.”

“Please, I think I have to leave now so as to meet up with the time.”

The son was loving and great!

“For coming late, you have a punishment that you must make sure you get done on your side.” He kept quiet for some seconds before he continued. “Buy me an acoustic guitar.”

    The boy didn’t want her to remarry too.

“She is my mum! Mum, who’s he?”


    The guy didn’t know he had a child somewhere, after losing contact with the lady. He had two friends, who’s parents were murdered by the group of six who murdered his parents too.

    He was a musican, he had a lot of savings to meet up with his dream. One of his friends was a detective and the other was a Surgeon.

    The detective

    “It hasn’t been easy. That guy is pesky miscreant!”

The Doctor

    “The operation was tough but he survived.”


The frustrated Prince of the Kingdom, always disturbed by his father’s brother.

    “I don’t know why he always want me by his side! Did I cause his barreness? Mum, tell him now!”


A story based on love, trust, peace, war, trouble, struggle, revenge, crime, researches and many more.



To be brought to your screen

18th October, 2014.

Every saturday, 5pm.



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