It was Saturday already. Temitope had packed all the necessary things he needed inside his car and came back to greet his parents before departing. He was dressed in a black shirt and a brown trouser with loose-fitting. Smiling, he held Jumoke’s hand. “I’m off mum.”

    “I thought you’d leave just like that.” Olajumoke smiled too.

    Temitope chuckled. “I wouldn’t do such a thing. Anyways, I have to get going because my friends are really expecting me.”

    “Just behave yourself, behave oh!”

    Temitope grinned as he crossed his hand over his mother’s neck. “I have heard, I go behave myself.”

    They both laughed. “Dad, off I go.” He waved at his father from where he stood.

    “Bye, son.” He waved back without taking his eyes off the newspaper he was holding.

    Temitope walked out and left.


    “A man should have a focus, a dream, something that worths thinking or pondering on.” Becky told Pelumi as she flung her handbag to the other side of the sofa and thudded down.

    Pelumi laughed. “What’s the meaning of this that you’re saying? I just hope that’s not Mark again.”

    Becky hissed. “Who else if not the idiot? We broke up yesterday.”

    Pelumi’s eyes widened. “How could you have done that? It’s not good.”

    Becky contorted her mouth and hissed again. “If you can’t tolerate someone, it’s better to let go the person. I just notice I have developed a kind of hatred for the fool.”

    Pelumi sighed as she dropped her cup on the stool before her. “Becky, this is Ghana, how many guys do you wish to date? If you keep changing guys, you should check yourself very well.”

    “And what does that mean?” Becky sprung to her feet.

    “You might be the problem in all relationships. What is it that you do that annoys them?”

    “The guys are the real fools! So annoying! What have I done to this one again? They are just revolting human beings!”

    “Anyways, let’s leave that.” Pelumi said, flagging her hand to dismiss the discussion. “So, how’s work going?”

    “What are you saying? Is Mark not the owner of the company? I have been sacked!”

    Pelumi burst into laughter. “I have really forgotten that.”

    “Stop laughing now, that’s the main reason why I am here.” She sat back.

    “So, what should I do to your unemployment issue?” She chuckled.

    “What now? Won’t you assist?” She questioned.

    Pelumi tilted her head, still smiling until she burst out into laughter again. “Alright, I will help you. I’ll check out a post for you on Monday.” She told her.

    “I trust you.” Becky raised her thumb, smiling.

    “Please oh, I haven’t promised.”

    “I never told you that you did.” She pulled out her tongue.

    They both laughed.


    Temitope drove into the compound and parked. He waved at the gatekeeper and walked into the house. “I don arrive oh!” He smiled in.

    Clement peeped from his room and rushed down. “Guy, welcome.” He hugged him.

    “Thank you, boy. Where’s David?” He enquired, sitting down.

    “The funny guy is in the room, chatting with one idiot.”

    Temitope grinned. “A babe right?”

    “Who else?” Clement hissed.

    “Go and call him oh, tell him I have arrived so that both of you can go and pack my things inside the car.”

    Clement laughed. “You are still foolish, very foolish.”

    Temitope laughed. “A child from a rich home wouldn’t carry his things himself, he must be assisted.”

    “If that’s your concept, you better return back to your father’s house! Rich man’s pikin

    Boty laughed. “We have to go and meet that foolish David who doesn’t spend his time on reasonable things but games!” He walked in while Clement followed.


    “A guy who can’t sleep because of a lady have probably not tasted the bitter Nescafe, you go sleep taya!” Temitope stormed into David’s room.

    “Toppy, how far?” David grinned and stretched his hand forward for a shake.

    “Idiot!” He pushed his hand away. “You have no respect for me, the elderly one.”

    David chuckled. “Where is that elder?”

    “Na me be this..” he laughed too and sat beside him. “Which babe have you been chatting with, guy?”

    “I just dey try this chick ni, she fresh na, you no see?” He laughed.

    Temitope took a glance at the laptop and hissed. “Gone are those days with that Tomisin girl, I miss her like!” He smiled faintly.

    “So you mean you and that Tomisin girl haven’t contacted yourself since then? Tope, you dey dull!” Clement smacked him.

    “I lost my mobile phone but I knew her mobile number off heart then, I have called her a million times but the mobile phone is always switched off.” He replied.

    “Gone are those days in school. Tope and Tomisin.” Clement winked.

    “Idiot! Thunder fire your brain.”

    “Na lie? No dey form here oh!” David added.

    “I now see that you guys are the same. I wish to see her again, I kiss those days.”

    “Wow! Don’t worry, God will pave a way for that.” Clement grinned.

    “Idiot, I no know when you don turn to Pastor. Na your type dey pray?”




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