TOMISIN HASTENED HER FOOTSTEPS as she walked into the company. She had had the intention of getting to the office by 7am that day but the alarm she set was on silent profile. It was almost 7:30am when she walked into the company and dialed her father’s mobile number to get him informed about her safety.

    He had told her to call him when she got to her place of work. That had been the usual practice because she was the other only child of the widower.

    She bowed and greeted the Secretary as she entered slowly. With smiles on her oily face, she pressed her lips together and walked closer to the Secretary. “I am here for the interview.” She said.

    “Oh, you are welcome.” The bright lady smiled as she shook her hand and picked up the reciever to put a call through to the manager while Tomisin wiped her sweat.


    “I am moving in with you guys this weekend.” Temitope smiled into the office.

    “Really? How far, guy?” Clement smiled.

    “I am good, rocking all the way.” He grinned.

    “I see that you are rocking, rubbish boy.”

    Temitope sat down. “It’s your business. I don’t know why we share same office, you should be driven to another office.”

    “Come carry me na..” Clement chuckled.

    “Anyhow. I have some files to work on.” He said as he brought out a document.

    “I am also very busy, troublesome guy.” Clement laughed.

    “You haven’t heard the latest that my parents are talking about now, have you?”

    Clement hissed. “I said it earlier that you aren’t serious. How do you expect me to know?” He hissed again.

    Temitope chuckled. ” Marriage. They have been talking about marriage since yesterday.” He informed.

    Clement laughed as he clapped his hand together. “One thing is just that I am not ready for any babe now, marriage kwa?” He chortled.

    Temitope hissed. “You’ve never been serious and you can never be, we will discuss later.”

    “Married man, I don hear you.” Clement said as he drifted forward and concentrated on his work.


    Tomisin paced out of the office of the man who interviewed him happily. She was sure she performed beautifully in the interview and would be considered. As she walked out, she heard the Secretary call her back and told her Kingsly would like to see her.
    “Mr Kingsly?” She asked again, scratching her head.

    “Yeah.” The lady replied.

    “Alright, thanks.” She said and headed to his office to check on him. She waited for few seconds before she entered into the office, smiling as usual. “How was the interview?” Kingsly asked her, smiling too.

    “Nice sir, I appreciate your help.” She replied, standing a distance from him.

    “Come, sit down.” Kingsly flagged his hand.

    “Oh.. yes sir.” She walked closer and sat down before him, dropping her head down.

    “I just want to have a brief introduction with you. I am Kingsly and you?”

    Brief introduction.. “I am Tomisin Collins.” She replied him.

    “That’s cool.” He stroke his beard swiveling the chair and smiling. “My father told me about the relationship about your dad. He said they were best friends when they were still young.”

    Tomisin chuckled softly, she didn’t have time for the talk. “That’s true..” She grinned.

    “Alright, I hope you have dropped your mobile number with Mr Martins?” He asked her.

    “Yeah.” She nodded.

    “Alright, I’ll all you then, to get you informed about any development.” Kingsly told her.

    She smiled. “Thanks Mr Kingsly.” She stood up at once.

    “You’re welcome.” Kingsly smiled too.

    Tomisin walked out of the office gently while Kingsly couldn’t take his eyes off her till she left.


    “It was fun!” Tomisin told her father as she dropped her bag and took off her shoes.

    “I know you must have gone there to let them know you’re a genius.” He smiled.

    “Sure, Dad. I didn’t take it easy with the man.” She chuckled.

    “I trust you.” He laughed again. “I have been feeling pains in my right eye since morning.” He told Tomisin.

    “Wao! I am sorry about that Dad. I think we should visit the hospital tomorrow.”

    “You are going to start your work tomorrow, have you forgotten?”

    “But I wasn’t told to come tomorrow, I was told I’d be contacted.” She replied.

    “Anyways, let’s see how it goes.”



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