Mike continued petting Tomisin till she spoke up again. “I do have the feeling that I killed her. If not for me, would she not be alive?”

    Mike smiled. “Life is not like that. Even if a person tries to kill you hundred times, until your own time is up you won’t die. I just know her time was up and she died.” He told her.

    Tomisin sighed. “That’s true. I believe in that.” She calmed down and there was silence for a while before she spoke again. “What would you love to eat? I cooked rice this morning.”

    Mike walked to the seat and sank down. “I don’t want to eat anything, I am alright.” He replied.

    “Alright? You just told me the reality now, you shouldn’t be weighed down too, Dad.” She walked beside him and sat down.

    Mike smiled again. “You were asleep when I got home yesterday. I met a friend of mine who said his son operates a company and would like you to check on him concerning this unemployment issue.”

    Tomisin’s eyes widened. “Really? How do I get there and who’s this sudden friend?”

    Mike laughed. “It’s been a while that we met, we were friends back in those days. So, he called that son before me and told him you’d be coming to check on him today.”
    “I should go and dress up then.” She scratched her head as she turned around heading into the room.

    “Don’t take too long.” Mike said chuckling softly.

    Tomisin rushed into the house to bath and dress up, that was all she had been expecting.


    Tomisin walked into Kingsly’s office, radiant and beautiful. She bowed as she greeted him, making her pace shorter than earlier.

   “Morning madam. Please sit.” Kingsly smiled as he stretched his hand forward showing her where she would sit.

    Tomisin sat comfortably and explained who she was. Kingsly collected her C.V and checked it out. “You really worth it.” He smiled. “Alright, everything is getting resolved. Come here on tomorrow for interview.”

    Tomisin smiled. “Thank you very much.” She sprung to her feet.

    “You’re welcome.” Kingsly smiled back, admiring Tomisin.

    Tomisin walked out of the office happily, a good news for her father to know about.


    Temitope just finished his dinner when he walked back to the living room to enquire from his parents concerning his plans. He had been watching the two since he got back from his place of work, it seemed they have spoken but masking their intentions.

    He couldn’t predict his father because he might tell him that was a good idea and later criticize it as the worse idea ever heard. “Dad,” he crossed his hand over his shoulder and smiled.

    “Don’t try to cool me down.” Tolulope laughed.

    Temitope stood, smiling. “Cool you down? I am not cooling you down.”

    “You are! When last did you sit near me and cross your hand over my shoulder this way? If it’s on the issue of moving out, you are free.”

    Temitope grinned. “That’s cool, dad!” He jumped happily.

    “Plus another thing.” He heard his mother’s voice and calmed down. Who knew what she had in mind to tell him?

    “What Mum?” He asked fixing his eyes on her.

    “When will you get married? You aren’t a kid any longer, are you?”

    “Yes, friends of mine are now called Grandpa, you shouldn’t only go there to enjoy with your friends, search for a wife and marry!”

    “Oo…ookay.” He found his voice again as he turned back.
    “How soon?” Jumoke spoke again.

    Soon? What’s this all about again? “What do you mean by soon?” He grinned.

    Olajumoke chuckled. “Be careful and make it soon.”

    He contorted his mouth as he snorted and walked to his room. Was he ready for marriage?


    “Your husband is the funniest on earth.” Pelumi said as she approached her mother with a drink in her hand. She just concluded showering and decided to take a drink before going to sleep.

    “Is he not right? The earlier, the better.” Damilola told her as she punched some keypads on her mobile phone.

    Pelumi sat down and shook her head continuously. “I have a lot I still have to achieve, by the way, I am still young.”

    “Who told you? Until you become a Grandma? No problem, Ghanaians will marry you then.”

    “God forbid! Why would become a grandma?”

    “Isn’t that what you are driving at? Trying to scare yourself away from marriage. I married even younger than you.” Damilola hissed.

    Pelumi chuckled. “If it is because of my gift, I will make sure I do something about it very soon.”

    “No! No one is telling you to rush! Don’t go and run inside a pit because of a gift!”

    Pelumi laughed. “So you can tell me that..”

    Damilola hissed again and walked to her room.


    Tomisin was going to her room to sleep when her father caller her back. “We have a lot to discuss on.” He told her.

    “What is it you want to say now? I have an interview tomorrow oh.” She grinned as she walked back and sat beside him.

    “Life is too interesting to be alone, sometimes when you pair up with someone, life will become very interesting to someone.”

    Tomisin sighed. “That’s true, Dad. One shouldn’t be living a lonely life, make friends, laugh, be happy because life is full of fun!” She ended with a smile.

    That brought a smile to Mike’s face too. He took a glimpse at her and stood up. “I will now get you by your words.” He grinned.

    Tomisin laughed. “What do you mean?”

    “Who’s that guy you’ve paired up with?” He winked at her.

    Tomisin laughed. “Dad! So, this is what all the ‘life is beautiful’ is all about right?”

     Mike smiled. “Let’s come to reality, you aren’t getting young and you won’t stay in my house forever. I have been willing to tell you but I know you’ll use employment as an excuse, I know you very well!”

    She grinned. “Alright Dad, very soon.” She stood too.

    Mike laughed again. “That’s my daughter!”




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