TEMITOPE smacked Clement as he entered into the office. “Guy, how far?” He asked him, smiling.

    “I’m good. What kept you long?” He asked, dropping his pen on the table.

    “I just dey.” He walked to his seat and dropped his briefcase. “I told my parents about moving in with you.” He sat down.

    “So, what did they say?” Clement asked him.

    “Dad said he’d be thinking on it, what of David?” He asked him.

    “He is not feeling alright. I told the manager already.” He smiled, replying him.


    Damilola had dressed up, walking to the living room when her daughter, Pelumi walked out of the room too. “I am ready, mum.” She said as she approached her.

    “This will be the first time that you will be fast with your make up, how was your night?” She asked her.

    “Nice, mum.” She smiled and both walked downstairs.

    Damilola had moved to Ghana after her wedding with Sammy. She was one of the associate directors of her husband’s company, with her daughter- Pelumi.

    “Your Dad called, he said he would be back from Abuja next week.” Damilola told Pelumi as they hopped into the car.

    “Next week? What is keeping Dad waiting? I thought he said at the end of this week.” She slammed the door of the vehicled and kicked the engine.

    “Yeah, he has to meet some new clients of ours.” She smiled.

    “Anyways, I’ll call him later.” She smiled.

    “He told me something about you.” Damilola said, pressing her lips together after.

    Pelumi chuckled. “Are you remembering everything little by little?” She asked as she waved at the gatekeeper, driving out of their compound.

    “He said you told him about the gift you want for your birthday, what did you tell him?” She asked her.

    Pelumi laughed. “Mum! You will know the gift when it comes.”

    “And how sure are you that I don’t know the gift yet?”

    Pelumi glanced at her and grinned. “Dad told you?” She asked.

    “No, he didn’t. He only told me you will receive the gift in just a condition.” Damilola smiled.

    Pelumi marched the brake and put the car to halt at once. “What mum?” She asked.

    “Why are you doing as if you asked him sort of a Ferrari?” Dami grinned.

    “You won’t understand.” Pelumi faced her front and drove on. “So what is the condition?” She asked again.

    “Getting married.” She replied.

    “What?” Pelumi pulled out of the road and kept laughing. “Mum! Is this a joke?” She grinned.

    Damilola licked her lower lip. “We are getting late, drive on.” She told her, trying to change the subject of discussion.

    “Mum, please tell me.” She said.

    Damilola laughed. “I am serious! You can call him, or wait for his arrival.”

    “His arrival looks like forever!” She frowned as she got back to the track.

    Damilola laughed.


    “Tolu, are you now ready?” Olajumoke approached her husband as he came downstairs.

    “Sure, I am dressed up already.” He smiled.

    Olajumoke blew him a kiss before adjusting his tie for him. “Temitope said he told you about moving to his friends’ place. What’s your take?” Olajumoke asked.

    “I will let him go, he should go.” He smiled, taking some steps forward.

    “That’s good, I am sure he will be glad to hear this!” Olajumoke smiled.

    Tolu gave a soft chuckle as he headed to the door. “A client of mine just called and told him he wouldn’t be able to attend the meeting I have with him because his daughter gave birth this morning.”

    “That’s good. Is that why you’ve not been rushing?” Olajumoke smiled.

    “Sure. I can’t wait to be called a grandfather too.” He grinned as he waved at Jumoke.

    “Same here.” She waved back. “Bye, dear.”


    Mike walked out of his room to the living room and met his daughter holding the framed picture of his wife. He knew Tomisin was up to something again. After many years of suffering when his parents were also killed, he got married and gave birth to a daughter.

    His life had always been sad because his father killed another person and was killed too. He had to struggle himself because all his father’s properties were seized when the truth got leaked. He was in agony until he met Sandra that gave him joy again.

    The Sandra that was the joy of his life died immediate after giving birth to the daughter. He knew thay day clocked the twenty third year his wife died and Tomisin would never forget. “Tomisin.” He called her name as he approached her.

    “Dad.” She raised her head and smiled faintly. “It’s always a thing of sadness that I never met my mother.”

    “Don’t let us start all this today again, it’s her destiny.” He moved closer, trying to calm her down. Himself was unhappy and  couldn’t sleep overnight concerning it, Tomisin was all he had, he had to protect her.




  1. Well done Mr t.Dan, nice work ….and how come you didn’t hint me that my prediction was wrong, lol 🙂 keep up the good work sir, God bless u.


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