The guys flipped the door open and walked into the room, their eyes darting round to find where Jumoke was. None of the could get where she was that time. “Check the restroom.” One of them whispered, carrying up the bed to check if she had hidden under the bed.

    “She’s not there.” The guy who walked into the restroom rushed out.

    “Damn it! Are these people sure she is here?” The guys walked out angrily to meet Collins and his wife. “She’s not there.”

    Collins was shocked. He glanced at his wife and rushed to meet the guys. “What are you saying? She never left her room!” He clapped his hands together.

    “Maybe you should go check yourself. I am disappointed to have come here without seeing this lady!” The guys hissed.

    They looked daggers at each other before Collins went into the room to confirm himself and returned after few minutes. “She is not there.” He said as he rushed down the stairs.

    “Where could she have gone to? Let’s search, maybe the kitchen.” The wife suggested.

    “No! I repeat no! So, how much will you add to our balance?” The guy who lead asked, walking closer to Collins.

    “What? You just said no, even if you had said yes, it’s impossible.” He said.

    “Do you mean we have come here to do something free?” He questioned him, dipping his hand into the pocket.

    “Sure! You did an uncompleted job, you’re here to complete it!”

    This time, the discussion made Mike come out of his room to check who his father was arguing with. He was peeping from his room for minutes until he heard gunshots.

    “Guys let’s go.” He heard the voice and saw the guys as they left.

    Trembling due to the gunshot and shock, he held on to the door of his room, shivering. He was shocked at what just happened. At first, hearing that his father killed Jummy’s father was a big shock, another thing is the gunshots he just heard. “Were they shot?” He started crying as he rushed downstairs.

    He kept shouting as he sighted his parents, expecting Jumoke to rush downstairs too. The white sofas had turned red within the twinkle of an eye. He was shocked Jumoke couldn’t come out to see what was happening.

    He never knew Jumoke had been listening to the conversations between Collins and his wife, even before the arrival of the gang and ran away for her life.

    She couldn’t help it but had to pass through the kitchen exit to the compound and managed jumping out of the compound to save her own life.


Twenty-five years after.

    Temitope brushed his hair and turned away from the dressing mirror. He picked up his mobile phone and walked out of the room. “Mum, I’m off!” He said as he pecked his mother, Olajumoke on seat.

    “Be a good boy.” Olajumoke smiled at him.

    “I am not a boy! Now, I’m thinking on moving to Clement’s place.” He said.

    Olajumoke rested her back on the couch as she smiled. After many years of fighting out her battle with her best friend, Damilola, she was able to get her happiness back.

    It was very tough throughout her battle, before she could get her way to Damilola’s place, get a new life because of her problems and could make it with Tolulope. Now, she was already a mother of a young graduate in Engineering, rich and had her peace of mind. “Have you told your dad?” She asked him.

    Temitope chuckled. “You and this your husband!”

    “Yes, he has the final say. Besides, you weren’t there when we were fighting the battle together.” She said.

    “Battle?” Temitope sat beside her. “What battle again?” He asked her.

    “Different ones. The one encountered when my parents were killed, the ones from lecturers, living comfortably and lot more, before God designed this.” She smiled.

    “Anyways, that was then. By the way, I told him already, he said he would be thinking about it.”

    “Do you think living with Clement and your other friend will be easy for you?”

    Temitope smiled.

     Olajumoke had always been worried about her son and her husband. She had passed through several problems before she became a real woman, she never prayed to encounter such a thing in her life again.

    “Clement and David are my guys, we will be fine.” He patted her.

    Clement and David were Temitope’s roommates when they were still in the university, living together and sharing everything together. It was fun living with the two funny and troublesome guys, to Temitope. He had always loved the time when Clement would wake up and try to speak in Yoruba language which he didn’t know about.

    Clement was their cook, while David would take care of the room, and Temitope did teach them some courses they had as their burderns. It was a very interesting life which Temitope was dying to get again.

    “That is not even my problem because I will be checking on you regularly.” She smiled.

    “Mum! That is funny!” He laughed.

    Olajumoke smiled. “It isn’t funny and it isn’t easy. I know what I passed through then. Wait, my am I stressing myself now? Your Dad hasn’t given you his consent, has he?”

    Temitope stood up. “I know the reply will be positive.” He smiled.

    “I can make it negative.” She grinned.

    “Mum, don’t!” He exclaimed, smiling as he took some steps forward, leaving the house.

    Olajumoke smiled as she waved at her son.






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