Olajumoke walked into the compund with a wet face. She kept cleaning her disconsolated face until she got to the main entrance. The gatekepeer that got the gate open even knew there was more to her situation as she walked into the house.

    She knocked at the door softly, leaning against the wall and wiping her lone tears as Mike got the door opened and peeped outside. “August visitor!” He clapped his hands together as he stepped out and stood before her. “Can I help you?” He questioned her.

    “Good evening.” She greeted him, bringing down her handkerchief.

    “Can I help you? How many times do you want me to ask?” He questioned her.

    “I want to see your parents.” She said as she stared at him, unblinking her eyes.

    Mike laughed and clapped his hands together. “I wonder what has made this pretty face this way, what a world!” He laughed again and got the door open. “Just come in.” He said, pointing inside the house.

    Olajumoke stepped in and snifled. “I’ll go get them.” Mike said, walking out of the living room to get his parents. She walked to one of the cream sofas and plopped down. She raised her head and glanced at the lamp that illuminated the black wall and reflected on the high gloss polished tiles. The living room was a big one that was painted white, two cream sofas and another two big black sofas were there too. She could see the black painted wall at the dining which illuminated the dining room and reflected to the living room as well.

    The shelves were structured well and the mounted LCD Television, the living room was ravishingly beautiful. That was the house her father bought for Collins when they met again, he restructured Collins and his lifestyle within few weeks that they met again. Davies was a man that was free from vulgarity and genteel in all aspect. He was also friendly and was a type who did trust and rely on friends easily.

    Jumoke had always told him about it, she was always against his hail-fellow-when-met behaviour that had caused him unpropitious death. Her shock hadn’t made her realise that she might be in the Lion’s den.

    “He is coming.” She raised her head as she heard Mike’s voice again and noded twice. Left to the young guy, he wasn’t interested in seeing her at all, not to talk of staying with them for a while. He sat down and tuned the television set, neglecting Olajumoke and her tears.

    After he had told her his feelings and Jumoke had refused, their lifestyle became that of pepper and eyes that do not meet each other. His own mission was just to use and drop her as usual which Jumoke herself could daresay in him, she never liked him because of his ragtag lifestyle.

    She whisked to her feet on seeing Collins, walking out of the house in a white shirt and black baggy trouser. She made over her face to a more cruddy one as Collins approached her further. “Jumoke, what’s wrong? Why are you here tonight?” Collins asked her, trying as much as possible to mask his happiness.

    Jumoke started her explanation, she burst out more as she expound all that happened to Collins. “That’s very sad! My friend is gone?” He sprung to his feet, hiding behind the finger of shock and sadness of the news. “No!” He screamed, trying to perfect his surprise.

    “Sorry about that.” Mike stood and walked in.

    What was his greeting going to remove from her sadness? Decoding how he greeted her, it was feigned and fictitious. She knew it wasn’t a heartfelt will, all was under his pretense, he wasn’t grandiose.

    “Wait… I don’t… oh my God!” Collins hit his hands together, biting his lower lip. “Some people are just wicked! So, you’ll be here for a while.” He sat down again, shaking his head continuously.


    “She came all by herself to the place where she will be finished.” Collins told his wife as he entered into the room.

    “She has the guts to come into this house again? What do we do?” She asked him.

    “I don’t know, this is a delicate situation. She just told me the police are now involved, which means her death shouldn’t be made quick.” He replied.

    “Oh no! This is the easiest way to eliminate this girl! See, we just have some questions to ask her and then get her out of the way.” The woman said, leaning against the wardrobe.

    “Questions? What questions?” He asked, moving closer to her.

    “To know if anyone knows about her visit to this place, if no one knows, we can call on the guys to eliminate her as if they have come here to carry out an operation.”

    “Wao! This is a nice innovation!” He smiled broadly as he turned around, walking around the room. “But, my mind is not at peace.” Collins said as he sighed.

    “What is it again? See Collins, this is our time to rise and shine, we will take over the company and everything will be ours. Now, the guys killed her parents, shouldn’t we know God has made a way for us to be successful?” She took some steps forward too, drawing her lips in.

    Collins smiled. “Now I believe ladies are the Queen. That’s my wife!” He appraised and walked out of the room, heading to the living room to usher Jumoke in.

    “You should stop this and plan to eat.” Collins said to Jummy as he stepped into the living room.

    “I am alright, sir.” She replied, bowing her head.

    You better eat, that will be your last food on earth.. He thought as he sat beside her. “It is a big shock! Everyone is really sad. I’ll try all my best to make sure that the criminals are caught!” He beat his chest as he spoke.

   “Thank you sir, I am really not hungry.” She said again.

    “Alright, let me take you to the room where you’ll be. Shower and rest, my wife and I will check on you before we sleep.” He stood to his feet.

    Jumoke also stood up after some seconds, still in tears. “I hope you’ve not told anyone you’d be coming here?”

    “No, sir.” She replied.

    Collins smiled. The news he really wanted to hear.


    “I have taken her to the guest room, what’s the next step?” Collins bustled into the room.

    “Call the guys immediately, tell them about the plan so that we won’t be suspected!” She replied.

    “Alright.” He smiled and brought out his phone quickly.

    “Don’t you know that for you to become a great human, you have to have stepped on some people?”

    “Yeah.” He grinned, putting the call accross.


    A person a Lion is after cannot look back. Olajumoke sprawled on the bed, in her own sorrows and sadness, singing the songs her parents liked singing. It was very late already, she ought to be fast asleep.

    Who cared about taking a cold shower? A person who would take a cold shower would be a kind of person whose mind was at peace. What else could be the happiest thing to her if not having her parents beside her. She had been crying and as well assuaging herself, remembering events and songs, wondering how she would survive because no one would stand like her father could any longer.

    Collins and his wife were in the living room, expecting the arrival of the guys to carry out the mission. It was after thirty minutes of the patience that Collins’ phone buzzed, they called him about their presence and how they would storm the house at ease.

    He rose to his feet and peeped outside. “Jump in, the security man does not have a gun.” He replied and returned back to his seat.

    He was smiling, happy concerning the plan when the door was opened. “That’s her room, finish her.” He said, pointing to the room, together with his wife.

    The guys also approached the door and flipped it open.




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