IF EASE WON’T HELP, everything should be done by force. The troupe was lead by a huge and hefty guy to Davies’ house that night. Everywhere was silent when the guys stormed into the house, ready to take away the needed.

    The guys jumped in, eliminating the security men on duty before storming into the living room. They were four, tall and armed as they entered into the living room. “It seems they’ve all gone to sleep.” One of the said.

    “Chief said the bag is inside this house, we have to get it, neat and clean.”

    “What if there’s any problem?”

    “Kill anyone who tries to prove stupid.” He ordered and stepped further into the house.

     It was after few minutes Jumoke heard the loud gunshot and ran up instantly. “Let’s go guys.” She heard the voice clearly and shivered under her bed. She started imagining different things and hoped her weird imaginations wouldn’t come true. The gunshot had affrighted her and made her lay under her bed for minutes before she conjured courage and got out of the bed.

    Her cold hand was placed on the door handle for a moment before she walked out of the room, her eyes darting round before she got to the front of her parents’ room, meeting the door wide open. She walked into the room and her eyes widened as she saw the body of her parents lying inside their own bloods. She was gasping as tears rolled down her cheeks, holding on to her father and mother at the same time. She was screaming raucously in shattered heart until the police officers filled the house and ordered for an ambulance.

    “How did it happen? We just heard the loud gunshot too and was called.” One of them approached her.

    She couldn’t reply them, she sat down on the floor just crying out her eyes.


    Collins sat down in his balcony, expecting his guys to deliver the money to him as planned. He had called one of the guys severally to know what had kept them so long but he was told to relax.

    Just soon after, the guys parked at the front of them house. He sprung up and jumped enthusiastically, he dipped his phone into the pocket, rushing downstairs to get them. “How was it?” He enquired.

    “It wasn’t easy. The man tried to play pranks so we had no choice.” The leader said.

    “We shouldn’t be saying that here, don’t tell me you killed him. Just come in.” He bustled in with the guy, into his compound.

    “We had no choice, he was wasted. Even with his wife.” The guy replied.

    “No! That’s very bad. Anyways, I hope you left no prints.” He said stretching his hand forward to grab the briefcase.

    “No.” The guy found his voice after looking round the compound.

    “But, the man’s daughter should be at home, didn’t you see the lady?” He asked, opening the briefcase to confirm the money.

    “Not at all. I don’t think there was any other person there except the man and his wife. We’ve got you a clean job, when do we expect our pay?”

    “That girl will turn out to be a great obstacle, we still have to work xoncerning her, I’ll send the money tomorrow. You really love money.” He grinned as he took some steps backward.

    “That’s what we actually work for.” The guy said pulling the gate.

    “Tomorrow, expect it.” He replied and waved at him.

    I never knew they were going to kill him! Anyways, all well and good. He smiles inside the house with the briefcase in his hand.


    “Sir. It’s late already, what do we do?” One of the officers asked the leader of their troupe.

    “We just have to suspend all, everything needed to be done would start tomorrow.” He said as he leaned against the vehicle and watched how the corpse were been carried into the ambulance and stared at Jumoke also. “Some people are just heartless.” He swooshed out a long breath and took away his face.

    “Please what will.. happen to my parents?” Jumoke approached the officer in tears.

    “Everything needed to be done will start tomorrow. I am deeply sorry about the loss.” He patted her and hopped into the vehicle.

    “Where’s your place? They can’t take them away! No!” She held on to the car, throwing herself up and down in the hair.

    “You just have to take it easy, Mayrey Police Station.” He told he and pulled out of the way.

    “No!” Jumoke ran after the car.


    “We have made it!” Collins told his wife as he unlocked the case and smiled, hitting his hands together.

    “This is great! I told you!” The woman grinned as she brought out a bundle. “We should find somewhere safe to keep this because we can’t tell, we are the prime suspect.”

    “No! The guys said they eliminated them when they tried to act funny.” He grinned.

    “That’s bad, but it’s good anyways.” She smiled, dropping the bundle of money.

    The door flipped open and Mike came in. “What’s going on?” He asked as he peeped at the case on the bed.

    “Nothing.” Collins grinned mischievously as he tried his best to block his view. “You have to be in your room.” He said, ushering him out.

    Mike got out and stood at the front of the door for a while. He could hear the door been locked up by his father, what is in that briefcase? Ehat are these people hiding? He asked himself as he hissed and left the front of the door.

    He was the only son of Collins and his wife, also a university student in his final year. One thing preternatural about him was the relish he had for ladies, he liked ladies and could be a friend to anything seen in skirt.

    That was what Olajumoke hated him for, she hated guys who had no business but to be running around a lady. Both really hated one another and didn’t talk in school, though they were kn the same department in the same school.


Olajumoke didn’t know the actual place she could turn to, she felt her world was crashing down already. She had been in tears until she decided to visit Collins’ place since he was her father’s best friend and could be of help.

    She hadn’t got her thoughts together, she had forgotten the guy she really hated was in the house. She couldn’t decode it that her father argued with Collins before his sudden death, she thought that was the best place that moment.



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      1. Nope , I haven’t read all the updates yet ,But I should be done reading it tonight as I have been really busy with school recently …. Anyway, So far I really like it.


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