Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss your target, you’ll land among the stars.– Les Brown.

    MANY PEOPLE limit themselves because they think they can’t go far in life. Wheb you sit and paint the picture, design your lifestyle concerning how you want it to be, it will result into joy.

    Like the quote said, if you aim very high and you later don’t get there, you’ll land among the stars. This will make me paint a short story this morning.

A young guy with a painted vision of becoming one of the greatest persons in life had his self esteem at it’s peak, he tried all his best but was refused severally until he got to a rich and affluent man. The man needed a person who could get him a good job done and knew the kind of person would name a figure of money that would be frightening.

    The guy approached him and told him about himself. “You are fit for the job!” The man laughed and asked how much he’d collect.

    The young guy cogitatated for a while before he spoke. He had been meeting several people who had turned him down because they saw that he was a guy with a high taste. Let me bring down my ego, who knows if I will succeed if I don’t start making moves to. “Hundred thousand.” He said.

    The man squinted his face. He was expecting to hear up to 1.5 million. “You are not fit.” He pushed him away and left him.

    Don’t think because you were rejected somewhere you should bring down yourself, you should continue to aim even higher because you don’t know when everything would come to fulfilment.

    If you are thinking about your age, C.S Lewis said something- you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

    Don’t underestimate yourself, you are created for a purpose.

My theory:

Aim high, don’t think you can’t be successful. Try to gather information from people, add yours and think on it well, heaven will help you if you help yourself. PAINT A PICTURE TODAY!

Have a nice day!



3 thoughts on “MY GOAL! THE ACHIEVEMENT!

  1. Wow call me crazy but this just spoke directly to me thank you for wat you do i am new to ur blog and best believe u got all my attention!!!


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