A romance story between two lovers who were separated by their parents because the parents had done something bad to each other before in the past,

Olajumoke: you don’t worth that girl! Her father is evil, do you want their family to end your life? I won’t let you go into the wrong path my son.

Mike: We hate each other, not just now but from our childhood. Another thing that happened then is something I can’t tell you, just don’t move close to that boy called Temitope. You have to obey me, you have no mother, you have only me.

Temitope: One thing I just wish to know is that thing that happened between you and Tomisin’s father, why are like eyes and pepper? I don’t like that lady called Pelumi, she’s evil.

Tomisin: Either Temitope or no one else! No matter what happened, you should let go. Why do you wish to destroy my future by pairing me with Kingly? I don’t like that guy!

    Damilola: Olajumoke passed through a lot in Mike’s hand, I don’t want her son to marry that lady because she might later become poisonous to the guy, Pelumi, you have to play along.

Damilola, Jumoke’s best friend wants to pair her own only daughter with the only son of her friend just to save the guy because they thought danger was ahead of him.

Pelumi: I like him but I just don’t want to look cheap before any guy. Let’s see how it goes, mum.


Olajumoke: Temitope’s mother.

Damilola: Olajumoke’s best friend, Pelumi’s mother.

Temitope: Olajumoke’s only son.

Tomisin: Temitope’s best friend, love and crush.

Mike: Tomisin’s father.

Pelumi: Damilola’s only child.

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Twenty-five years earlier.

“Just another round..” Olajumoke said as she pushed her plate forward and winked at her mother with a smile on her lambent face. “Mum, I said another round.” She chuckled this time.

    “I wonder why your Dad said you’ve not grown fatter, you now eat a lot!” Her mother accused.

    “Leave my pretty baby for me.” Davies said, smiling at Olajumoke.

    Jumoke grinned. “Don’t mind mum.” She stood up and reached for the rice in the cooler. They were just three on the dining, eating lunch that sunny afternoon.

    The dining was a spacious one with a chandelier at the middle of the room that illuminated the room. It had a big table and six chairs around the mahogany table, with a disty table cover. There were also small coolers in which the foods were enclosed, right at the center of the table.

    “I know this short holiday you’ve come to use is for you to become the world fattest.”

    Olajumoke tittered. “I just like eating well when I am around, isn’t that good?” She grinned.

    “My daughter, don’t mind her. Eat all you can, the house is yours.” Davies spoke as he took a bite form his meat.

    “I trust you Dad, you’re the best!” She sank into her seat and continued eating her food.

    As they continued eating, they were discussing until Davies’ phone buzzed and cause the silence in the living room. Within some seconds of the call, the atmosphere changed. Davied had became indignant with his friend that he was discussing with and ended the call. “I don’t know why some people are wicked! Why do they not think?” He hissed, standing up.

    “Dad, don’t tell me you’re filled.” Olajumoke dropped her spoon.

    “I lost my appetite. Collins wants to get the life out of me! How will I call someone to come and eat and you’ll hold my hand from eating from my own plate? Doesn’t it sound revolting?” He stepped out of the chair and tucked it in.

    “Is he still on this issue of sharing the money equally?” Gloria, his wife asked.

    “Yes! I have never seen his type! He wants to collect the exact money like me, he said we should share it equally and he doesn’t know I am stubborn.” He left the dinning room for his room.

    Jumoke shook her head continuously. “Was that not Mike’s Dad?” She asked her mother.

    “Don’t mind that man, he is such a weird type of person.” Gloria hissed.

    Olajumoke chuckled. “Mike himself is weirder! He wants to collect equal money with Dad? I don’t understand.” She said, facing her mother properly.

    “Yes. Your Dad called him for a project but he refused, on seeing that he has made millions on the contract, he’s been disturbing him for his share, even equal share.” She surmised.

    Jumoke laughed. “Some people are really annoying!” She stood up and picked up her phone.

    “Have you also lost your appetite?” Gloria asked her.

    “Yeah, later mum.” She waved as she proceeded to her room.

    Collins was Davies’ closest friend and to Davies, he did squander all his monet on useless things and would later be asking for more.


    Collins had been parading his room for minutes, sweating profusely until his wife screeched the door open. “Dear, what did Davies say?” She asked him as she approached further.

    Collins hissed. “The man is a big fool! What’s the big deal in helping one out?” He sat on the rocking chair.

    He looked enraged as if his right had been taken from him. He had been Davies’ close friend from childhood until their tertiary educations made the two lost contact. Davies was bright and friendly, that made him renew his friendship with his friend- Collins, on meeting him again many months back.

    All that was on Collins’ mind was how he was going to pay some debts before the next day, but had no idea than to holler on his friend. “I have no other place to turn to.” He told his wife as he stood up from the chair again, standing akimbo.

    “Em.. The bank might take over everything very soon.”

    “Exactly! Davies is very stubborn! He’s been unyielding to my calls.” He sat again as he wiped off his sweat.

    “I have an idea.” His wife moved closer to him.


    Olajumoke walked into the living room in a buttoned yellow silk shirt and a black trouser. She carried her yellow handbag on her right shoulder and held her sunshade with her right hand. She turned to her mother that was seated on a queen sleeper sofa with a solid lodgepole and smiled.

    The living room was just refurbished with new sofas with that had wood frames with chenile throw and coordinated pillows, each end of the sofa had a matching lamp and bear silhouette visible when lit. “I want to visit my friend.” She said.

    Her mother raised her head and glanced at her. “Which of your friends?” She asked her.

    “Damilola. Some of our friends are there.” She smiled.

    “I am sure you are going there to eat another round of food.” Gloria squinted her face.

    Olajumoke laughed. “I am just going there to chit chat wity my pals before we resume next week.”

    “Anyways, just don’t be long.” Gloria waved at her.

    Olajumoke stepped out of the living room to her Toyota Camry and drove out of the house.


    Tolulope sat down with his bottle of wine. “Welcome my pretty baby.” He said as he helped Olajumoke with a chair.

    Olajumoke sat down and glanced at all the faces on seat. “I am sure you guys are happy to see me.” She grinned.

    “Hmmn… I know your arrival here is to disturb this atmosphere.” Sammy said staring at her.

    Tolulope hissed as he ruffled Jummy’s hair. “Don’t mind him, you know I have always told you about this your mouth that is faster than your brain.”

    “Always faster!” Jumoke added.

    “Why are you all abusing my guy? Sammy don’t mind them.” Dami rolled her eyes and reached for Sammy’s head to ruffle his hair too.

    Sammy laughed. “Don’t mind this naughty set of couples, unserious ones.”

    Tolulope snorted with a smile. “Me and my babe, we ought to be in a separate place having a nice time but you guys called us and made my plan stumble.”

    “Jummy, how far?” Dami waved at her friend.

    “Don’t wave at me.” She hissed smiling.

    Damilola and Olajumoke had been very close friends from their secondary school, they were like two peas in a pod that even their parents knew the two. Damilola was a dark and beautiful lady, studying Chemistry in the same University with her friend. She was tall, slender and smart just like her boyfriend- Sammy.

    Jumoke on the other hand was the light type with a neat beautiful set of teeth. She was the only daughter of her Davies and Gloria and was a student of Economics in her school.

    “I think Mum and Dad are not right?” Jumoke asked Dami.

    “Sure, they travelled.” She replied.

    “I thought as much.” She replied with a smile.

    “I am really tired of that house!” Tolu hit his hand on his laps.

    “Who doesn’t know you to be a lazy guy? I am sure it is because of a job.” Sammy chimed in.

    “Anyhow! But seriously, it’s very boring.”

    “Liar! I can’t blame you, Jumoke is lazy too.” Dami added.

    “What? See this girl!” She grinned as she clapped her hands together.

    “Don’t worry, they need us to treat their fuck up.” Tolulope stood up and moved toward Sammy and Dami to start beating them while Jumoke relaxed and was laughing.




  1. I av neva seen a writer wu is dis blessed. A writer wu neva gets tired of entertainin his followers. Temitope Daniel u ar so so gud. Kip it up while i join in d ride to a happy ending.


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