Raymond had been beaten mercilessly. His friends tried to help but the guys scared them back. “Raymond!” Cynthia kept shouting his name from the car she had been pushed into. Raymond’s dress had turned dirty like a bricklayer’s who had worked all day.

    All his friends were after was for him to recover fully, it seemed he had started remembering things, they hoped beating him wouldn’t add salt to the injury.

    After he had been beaten to the guys’ satisfaction, he was left in the pool of blood, his cloth was soaked with blood and dirty. His friends then approached him and helped him up. They kept repeating his name as they watched the vehicle that took Cynthia away. “Let’s follow them..” Raymond struggled to speak as he rested his back in Ismail’s hands.

    “Right now!” Ismail affirmed and helped him to the car, together with Paul, Lawrence and Ayomide. “Let me drive..” Ayomide said and approached the driver’s seat. He used the seat belt and sped after the car. Maria was still in the house, dressing up when they left.


    Ayomide’s eyes were unblinking as he drove before the car, their thought was that those guys were kidnappers. But If they really were, she shouldn’t be the only one kidnapped, Raymond had thought.

    He held on to his left chest, he had been punched severely. His lips were bleeding, as well as his lower abdomen. He was breathing so fast like a cheetah that just completed a race, “just go after them.” He kept repeating.

    From his words, it seemed he hadn’t forgotten Cynthia, despite the severe discipline. “Be careful AY, hope they aren’t watching us.” Lawrence said. He was sitting on the passenger’s seat beside Ayo.

    “I know, I’ve been dodging too.” He replied.

    “Raymond, how are you now?” Lawrence asked.

    “I’m good, just go after that vehicle.” He replied him.

    RAYMOND laid his on the sofa. He and his friends made sure they traced the guys who carried Cynthia till he discovered she was carried to her father’s house. Remembering her had started making some things familiar to him, he had been thinking on some other things about her, then remembered the gifts he gave her for her birthday gift.

    He closed his eyes, deep in thought. He kept remembering how she came to his office to appreciate the gifts. “Cynthia.” He muttered. He reconnected his friends dealt with him earlier on his birthday.

    He was trying to figure out their faces when he remembered April guys. He opened his eyes at once and sat up, he glanced at his friends and exhaled deeply. Everything wasn’t that easy to be remembered.


    “You think you’ve escaped right?” Daniel growled.

    “Dad, I can’t actually believe you sent some guys to be watching after me, I have my life to live dad!” She snapped back at him.

    Daniel chuckled. “So, you have the audacity to run away, your wish was to embarrass me right?”

    “Dad, if you don’t listen to what I’ve told you too, you’ll definitely be embarrassed.” She replied.

    “You dare talk back at me? I’m your father and I want the best for you, I want you to get married to Donald, he’s a guy with bright future and has thay strong affection for you.” He spoke, drawling the sentence.

    “Really? Dad, really? If you really want the best for me, you won’t be forcing me on him.”

    Daniel was silent for a while and replied her. “This is not an imposition, it’s just a mere way for you to love him!”

    “Dad, this is not love!” She squeaked.

    “Keep your voice down before I help you!”

    “One thing I know for sure is that even if you force me to marry him, you will come back kneeling for me to divorce him.”

    Daniel laughed mischievously. “Stop ranting nonsense, my dear daughter.”

    “Alright, let’s wait and see. Can I leave now?”

    “For where? So that you can run away right?” He questioned.

    “So if I don’t leave, where do you expect me to stay?”

    “You aren’t leaving at all, you will be here until the introduction ceremony is completed.”



    “Ray, how did you know that was Cynthia’s father’s house?” Ayomide asked. He had been bothered by the fact that Raymond had amnesia and could tell Cynthia’s father’s house. He hoped they’ve not left her into the hands of wicked guys.

    “Cynthia… She’s my boss, immediately I set my eyes on her this morning, I remembered her face. When I saw the house, I remembered she had sent me there before, from our company to show a file to her father..” He paused and stared at Ayo.

    “Ayomide..” He called his name.

    Ayomide was shocked, he never knew Raymond had recollected him likewise, he was about accusing him of remembering everything that had to do with Cynthia and hadn’t remembered his friends when he mentioned his name. “You now know me?” Ayomide asked him.

    “Sure, I do.” He replied frankly.

    “Do.. do you remember me?” Lawrence asked him.

    “Sure, Lawrence. I can remember you guys now..” he smiled.

    “What is the name of my car?” Ayomide asked him.

     He stared at him for a while and began thinking. He sure hadn’t remembered everything. “I don’t.. I don’t know.” He surmised.

    Ayomide sighed. “Thank God everything is getting better steadily, where do you work?” He asked him.

    Raymond was downcast, thinking of the answer to Ayomide’s question. “Dannie’s Company, I can remember that name. Where’s my iPad?” He asked.

    “Just be patient, it seems this guy is now normal.” Lawrence grinned.

    “I’ve been normal, haven’t I?” He questioned.

    “What happened the day you helped Cynthia to the hospital?” Ismail asked.

    Raymond was deep in thought for a while before he replied. “I don’t know..”

     “Now I know, this means he’s just getting over it. Don’t bother him any longer so that the little he has remembered won’t be forgotten.” Paul said, smiling.

   Raymond closed his eyes again and tried to remember more. It was immediately he sighted the building he racked his brain, he knew the house looked familiar, until he linked events together.

    The conclusion is that Cynthia caused the amnesia and was the first to be remembered, Lawrence thought.


    “You have just two more days, just two. For the two days, you’ll be in that room. Everything you want will be given to you there, do anything you wish there, but you have no chance of going outside or leaving the room at all.” Daniel told her.

    Cynthia chuckled. “Dad, tell me this is a joke.”

    “This doesn’t look like one, in other news, Donald will pay you a visit tonight. The guards will be at the front of the door, watching. If you play pranks, I won’t take it easy.”

    “Dad, what’s the meaning of this? Just because of Donald? I have better things to do now..” She shouted.

    “You can shout better, can’t you? At the end of the day, you will come back to thank me for making you marry Donald. And, who was the guy who tried to stop my guys from carrying you?” He questioned.

    “I don’t know, just let me go!” She exclaimed.

    “Anyways, don’t worry. As time goes on, I’ll get that guy. Guys, lead her in.” He smiled.

    His guys also walked quickly and took her into the room. The room was locked up instantly and Cynthia dashed to the bed angrily. She brought out her phone, that was the only thing that could at least help her.

    She had met several missed calls of Raymond and Maria on it, she called Maria and told her about everything that was happening, she ensured she spoke quietly so that she wouldn’t be gotten.

    After her discussion with Maria, she called Raymond’s mobile number. She wasn’t feeling glad as she couldn’t interact with Raymond that day, she caused his problems and wished to help him out. “Raymond.” She called his name immediately the call was picked.

    “Miss Cynthia.” Raymond mentioned her name likewise.

    Cynthia was shocked, she wasn’t expecting to hear him mention her name, she was just expecting him to ask who she was, as usual. “You know me?” She asked him.

    “Yes ma, I.. I know you.” He stuttered.

    Is this a miracle or what should it be called? Raymond has gotten better! Now I believe what they said the doctor said, his amnesia wouldn’t last for long.. she thought and took a deep breath. “How are you?”

    “I’m fine, it seems you’re in your father’s place right?” He asked.

    “Sure, how did you know? By the way, I’m shocked at your utterances, wasn’t expecting this.” She smiled.

    She noticed the pitch of her voice was going higher and walked to the bathroom so that she wouldn’t be heard.

    “I’m now better, I tried to help when the guys…”

    “I know, I’m realy happy you’ve gotten better within days. In movies that I watch, it does take up to months or years before a amnesiac remembers anything, shocked at yours.” She smiled.

    Raymond paused for a while, thinking more about her and replied her. “We thank God, we really thank him. Hope there’s no problem over there, with the look of how you were bundled into the car.”

    “I should be apologizing to you, I’m really sorry that you were really maltreated because of me. My Dad is a very difficult man.” She replied him.

    “Difficult? What have you done to him? I’ve seen those guys before, the day you told me to bring a file to his house.” He informed, still thinking more about her. He had not fully remembered everything about her, but could remember he loved her.

    “Yeah, that’s true. Don’t mind him, he wants to force me to do something.” She replied.

    “Something..” Raymond repeated and continued. “Hope I can be a source of help?” He asked.

    Cynthia thought for a while, he could be a source of help, but his condition wasn’t so nice. “Never mind.” She replied and smiled.

    “Alright ma, but will you come to work tomorrow?”

    “So you know we work together?” Cynthia asked smiling.

    Raymond smiled. “Yes, I know.”

   “Alright, don’t let me lie to you. He wants me to do something I don’t wish to, I’ve been locked up in one of his rooms.”

    “What? Why is he like this? I’m sorry to say, but that’s harsh! I wouldn’t mind to help you.” Ray told her.

    “How? There are guards everywhere here and I’m sure my dad won’t let anyone see me.”

    “Alright, leave the rest to me.” Raymond said and ended the call.


    “Guys, I want you to help.” Raymond stepped into the living room. He hsd collected his mobile phone from his friends earlier, that made it easy for him to discuss with Cynthia. He looked serious as he stood before his friends.  “What help?” Ismail and Ayomide asked together.

    “Cynthia is in a slight problem and needs my help.”

    “Really? It seems you’ve really remembered her. I was still doubting you until you came around. Did she call you?” Paul asked.

    “Yes, her father is the problem. I don’t really know the man but the day I saw him, he didn’t look nice at all. He wants to force her to do what she doesn’t want to do, she needs our help.” He replied.

    “Really? I think the lady is a nice one, she looked descent and beautiful when I saw her, how do we now help? Carry her out of her father’s house?” Ayomide questioned.

    “I don’t know how we’re going to do it, involving police officers will be a waste of time, it’s a matter between father and daughter.” Raymond replied.

    “In this case, the first thing is the security. The last time you went, was there a security man?” Lawrence asked.

    Raymond thought for a while then replied. “Yes, I even gave him money, I can’t remember the amount but I’m sure there’s a security man.” He replied.

    “Now that you even gave the man money, he should remember you. I think through him, things should work well.” Lawrence told him.

    “Just be careful because of your health,  she was the one that put you into a big trouble of amnesia, just be careful.” Paul repeated.

    “So, when do you intend to go?” Lawrence asked.

    “We will all go together oh, I need your help. This evening.” He replied.

    “Alright, no problem. If the security man cooperates, what would be left would be simple. But, if that man catches us, we are in hot soup oh.” Ismail grins.

    “The security man will be of help.” Lawrence said.


    Everwhere was silent when Ayomide parked near Daniel’s house. “How do we start?” He asked.

    “The guys might remember my face, but let me give it a trial, the gate keeper should be by the gate.” Raymond said and came down from the car.

    He walked to the gate as he looked around if no one was watching.

   He was about to knock at the gate when he heard two husky voices behind him. “Who are you?” The guys asked.

Story continues…..

Sent from Dannie←→Dee Konsepts



  1. You and suspense shaaa. Nice piece though. Weldone boss….. The best will always give the best. No doubt u are d best. Make dem no beat my Raymond again ooo(winks)


  2. Weldone boss, nice update as always.
    Nothing shud happen to my Raymond again o, this one that he has started remembering.

    Can’t get enuf of ds oo, make saturday do reach.


  3. ah han….daris God o TeeDan. Really appreciate your effort. Maybe I’ll also try to get it when published. Merry xmas sir and may the reason for the season be fulfilled in your life.


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