The four guys chorused Raymond’s name on sighting him. Ayomide rushed to him and hugged him that same minute, he was very happy he could see him again. “How have you been?” He asked as he hit him slightly.

    Raymond stared at him and his other friends. “Good day.” He greeted them casually.

    “Ray, how far now?” Lawrence also walked to him and shook him.

    Raymond was in a confused state as be looked around, he still couldn’t recollect anything as his friends even stood beside him. The four guys had started wondering why he behaved the way he was, Paul was about asking him why he couldn’t smile and make them happy for seeing him again when Maria cut in.

    “He’s suffering from one kind of amnesia. Don’t feel embarrassed or insulted, I don’t think he can remember you guys.” She said to them.

    “Amnesia? Is that not memory loss or something?” Ayomide faced Maria as he asked.

    “Exactly, according to the Doctor, he said he hit his head against something during the course of the accident.” She expansiated.

    “This is going to be tough. Raymond, it’s Ayo.” Ayomide held him.

    Raymond stared at him for a while and glimpsed at the other friends before he sat down. “He still can’t remember, this amnesia of a disease is a bad thing oh.” Cynthia said sadly as she stared.

    “How did you get here?” Ismail asked Cynthia.

    Cynthia kept mute for some seconds before she replied. “I just came to pay a visit to Maria, she’s my cousin.”

    Ismail and Paul also walked towards him just staring at him. “Ray, how are you?” Paul asked him.

    “I’m fine.” He replied as he bowed his head racking his brain.

    “I think just asking him this won’t solve this issue, we have to return back to Ibadan with him.” Lawrence spoke.

    “That’s necessary.” Ayomide added.

    “So you guys are just five, what of the other guys who were also involved in the accident with him?” Maria asked.

    The guys glimpsed at one another. “Which guys again?” Ayomide enquired.

    “The guys are dead already, they were also involved in this accident.” Maria replied.

    “We don’t know any other person, maybe he just helped them here.” Lawrence mumbled.

    “All the same, we really appreciate you, Maria. Like, if not for God and as well as you, what would we be saying today? Maybe singing dirge..” Ismail uttered sadly.

    “You are welcome, you shouldn’t thank me because I did it for God.” She smiled.

    “Anyways, we should get going.” Ayomide said quietly as he placed his hand on Raymond’s shoulder.

    “You can’t just leave like that, the Doctor said he has to be coming for check up regularly.” Maria said.

    “Check-up again? Alright, no problem. What do we do now?” Paul asked.

    They were all glimpsing at one another, no one could respond.


   Donald shook his friends as he beamed out of the car. “Preparation don start, introduction is around the corner..” Francis smiled as both shook.

    “Yes oh, I don’t want to wear just any cloth, I’m just coming from the fashion designer, that day is going to be great.” Philip said as he laughed.

    “Wait oh, when you now get dressed as if you’re even the husband, what should this guy put on?” Francis started laughing at Philip as he pointed at Donald.

    “Guys, what do you think I can buy as a special gift for…” he winked and continued. “..my Cynthia.” He concluded with a big grin.

    “Special gift?.. what is that ooh…” Francis and Philip faced each other as they started cerebrating on what he’d buy. Donald was just smiling as he stared at them, he was the one who told them he wouldn’t visit the office throughout that week because he had to prepare for his introduction that would be holding on Saturday.

    He was coming from the supermarket where he went to get his quality perfumes and body sprays. He had also bought wines and drinks before he called his friends to ask them what it was nice to buy.

    They were at General Gas road while discussing, at the front of Esmak Plaza. It was one of the biggest plazas in the state, he knew there were places where he could buy anything that would fit Cynthia, but he wouldn’t bring it on, he loved asking his friends because they might have better ideas.

    He was still grinning as he stared at them when Philip brought up an idea. “We can get her silver, let’s buy a lot of things that are silver. Do you know the size of her shoes?” He enquired.

    “No, I dont.” He replied almost immediately.

    “Alright, let’s count that one out. We’re gonna buy laptop, phone, iPad, wristwatch, everything should be silver.” He concluded.

    “Does that really make sense? Why don’t you just buy her a brand new car.” Francis suggested.

    “She rejected the car I bought for her during her birthday.” He replied him dismissing the idea of buying a car. “What of a big house?” Francis brought up another suggestion.

    “Exactly, a well furnished place! I told her earlier that the house she’s in is not up to standard. Nice suggestion.” Donald shook him happily.

    “That’s also good, let’s start the preparation immediately.” Philip added.


    KATE AND FRANKLIN were seated close to each other on the sofa. Kate had left her sister’s place early that morning because she might be suspected whenever the trouble began, she went to her brother- Franklin’s house to stay and discuss with him.

    She just got there in less than ten minutes, Lara had served her hot tea and promised she’d be back with a bowl of rice for her.

    Kate was smiling, that was the lady her father didn’t want Franklin to marry, if not for Frank’s wisdom, he’d have left the lady likewise. What Franklin had always said was that it wasn’t neccessary his father should be on seat on his wedding day, he had to call his uncle, he was the one who acted as his father the day he got married to Lara.

    Since he got married to her, his father had never spoken a word to him, he started holding grudges against his brother who stood like Frank’s father. “I don’t know why your dad is like this, I just don’t!” He snapped.

    “Really, what he’s doing is wrong. I wonder what’s going to happen on Saturday.” Kate said as she exhaled.

    “Should you say Saturday? He’s going to know about her disappearance soon, before Saturday.” He hissed.

    “I hope he won’t accuse her friends.” She said glimpsing at the tickling wall clock.

    “That’s if they aren’t smart, anyone can’t order me anyhow.. you know.” He chortled as he turned his head, he looked directly into the kitchen and saw Lara preparing the breakfast.

    “Bro, I have to go and join her.” Kate stood and dropped the tray of tea she had with her on the small stool before her and walked to the kitchen to assist Lara.


    “No problem, we can still travel back to Ibadan.” Lawrence said as he glanced at his wristwatch.

    “With this regular medical check-ups?” Maria chimed in.

    “Yes, let’s know the time and dates, we will visit here anytime the check-up is due.” He suggested.

    “That’s true, correct!” Paul reasoned.

    “So when are you returning to Ibadan?” Ismail asked Cynthia.

    “For now, I don’t know. But, I won’t spend much time here.” She smiled.

    “Hmmn.. there’s no leave at work, why this sudden leave?” Paul beamed.

    Cynthia grinned. You guy’s wouldn’t understand.. she surmised as she kept her head low.

    “Alright, we have to get going. I assure you he’s going to recollect everything within a week.” Ayomide smiled and took his hands off Raymond.  “Ray, let’s go.”

    “The Doctor said his own type of amnesia is not going to take time before everything falls back to the normal position.” She informed.

    “Thanks so much, Maria. God bless you.” Paul smiled.

    “You’re welcome, so how did you guys get to know that he’s been in this Osun State?” She enquired, she had been wondering since they arrived.

    Ayomide explained to them and they all spoke for few minutes before the guys got set to leave. It was after their departure that Maria remembered she didn’t give them the diary she saw in his car, they’re going to collect that some other day she concluded and started gisting with Cynthia.



    Daniel had gotten the ladies who would get the curtains in the house dry cleaned. He got another new curtain into the house to make it perfect and to give the house a new look.
   He had started the preparation for the introduction since the day he told Cynthia about it. He was determined not to call on her.

    He had gotten the relatives informed about the introduction as well as his friends.

    Donald had visited Cynthia’s office but was told she was absent that day. He drove to her place to check on her but met no one at home, he assumed that she must have followed her friends out, perhaps they went to get things that would be needed for the introduction.

    He smiled and hopped into his car back, he went back to his place of work happily.


    Raymond’s friends had been trying all they could, to bring back Ray’s memory but all was up to no avail. Ayomide had took him round the house, he showed him the pictures they all took together, he showed him his phone and even his room, he couldn’t remember any.

    According to the card they had with them, he’d have to visit the hospital on Thursday for check-up. The guys were deliberating on what to do when Ayomide brought up the issue of occupational therapist.

    His cousin was an occupational therapist- The role of an occupational therapist is to work with a client to help them achieve a fulfilled and satisfied state in life through the use of “purposeful activity or interventions designed to achieve functional outcomes which promote health, prevent injury or disability and which develop, improve, sustain or restore the highest possible level of independence.

    “I guess Jummy is going to be of help.” He said.

    “Jumoke? Isn’t that your cousin?” Paul asked.

    “Sure, she’s an occupational therapist, she’s gonna be of help.” Ayomide replied.

    “How do we contact her? She works in the hospital right?” Lawrence questioned.

    “Yes, maybe Raymond will be hospitalized. She’s the one who knows everything about his illness.” He added.

    “I don’t like this situation, none of us have visited our offices since this happened, he’s the only one that can explain how everything happened, how he got to Ede that evening.. I guess he was robbed or used.” Ismail said, he was lying on the sofa and had his earphones on but could hear everything that his friends were talking about.

    “That’s exactly what I’m thinking about, he couldn’t have gone to Ede without telling us and besides he has no relative there neither a business to be accomplished.” Lawrence enunciated.

    “So, I’m going to contact Jummy today for us to know the next line of action.” Ayomide said as glimpsed at them all, wanting to know if they liked it.

    “Sure, it’s nice.” Lawrence smiled.

Later in the evening.
  Donald had called Cynthia seven times but she didn’t pick up the calls. She had added him to the blacklist of her mobile phone so that whenever he called, the phone wouldn’t ring. Though, she saw the fifth call as she smiled he must have been searching for me.. she thought and felt glad.

    Donald returned back to her company during lunch, to ask after her but it was still the same, he was told she was not around. He was getting annoyed and fed up, he drove to her house that evening, with the hope of meeting her, since it was late already. It was Aliyah that came to get the gate. She didn’t bother to open it, she just told him Cynthia wasn’t around. “This is intentional.” He growled as he drove to Daniel’s house to get him informed about Cynthia.

    He hardly sat down when he started discussing with Daniel- Cynthia’s father. “I’ve been searching for her, she’s nowhere to be found.”

    Daniel laughed out and clapped his hands together.  “Don’t worry, I’ve planned for this likewise. She thought she has escaped, she never knew I’ve been monitoring her closely. A person who someone is monitoring won’t know, she’s in Ede, her cousin’s place in Osun state.” He laughed again.

    “Really?” Donald breathed heavily.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll bring her back on Thursday.” He continued laughing.

    Donald was happy, his wish had finally came to reality.



    CYNTHIA called Raymond’s mobile number that morning to know his well-being.  At least, he got into the problem because of her. His friends were in the room with him trying to make him remember the pasts when Cynthia called.

    Ayomide had brought up the idea of getting his family informed but Lawrence and Ismail had cancelled the plan. They said it might make the mother afraid and another problem might start that way. “Can you remember that I gave you a blue diary on your birthday?” Cynthia asked him.

    Raymond started thinkkng as usual, wondering what diary that was given to him. He still couldn’t provide an answer to her question until the call ended. Cynthia felt bad, she hated seeing someone in agony just because of her, she felt like the cause of his problem. Woe to the headache that came up the other day, if not for that, he would be on his own, enjoying his life.. she muttered as she ended the call.

    “Guys, we have to travel to that Ede tomorrow. At least, to appreciate that lady again and hear from the Doctor who treated him.” Ayomide said.

    “What of Jummy? Haven’t you called her?” Lawrence asked.

     “I have, she was the one who told me that I should take him there tomorrow for check-up and to hear the Doctor out before she’d start anything on him.”

    “Alright, no problem.  I know one day, we’re going to overcome all this.” Ismail heaved a sigh.


    Daniel just called his guys he had sent after Cynthia and told them that Cynthia must be brought back to him in Ibadan on Thursday. It was that day he got Cynthia informed about her introduction he had planted those that would be trailing her secretly because she might run away.

    He was so desperate that he was serious with the introduction ceremony. He had called Donald’s father and told him he had to be in the lace attire that was in vogue for the introduction.


9:30 am, Thursday.

    Lawrence parked at the front of Maria’s gate and came down with his friends and Raymond. Ayomide called on Cynthia that they were already outside there, so they could visit the hospital together.

    Cynthia was dressed in a purple gown, the same one she wore to her place of work on her birthday, she was smiling as she got the gate opened. Immediately Raymond saw her he remembered a scene, but it was blurr. He was downcast as he cereberated. He remembered the day she sat before him and both ate in the eatery where he asked her what her favorite colour was, and she replied purple. She was also dressed in that gown.

    “Cynthia, good morning.” Ayomide greeted her as she came out.

    “Morning, how are you?” Cynthia asked smiling.

    Immediately he heard the voice, it sounded familiar again. Cynthia… He repeated. Just then a car parked before them and some guys came out of it rough handling Cynthia into the car. They looked huge, Raymond’s friends stepped backwards in fear as they sighted them but Raymond couldn’t hold back himself. He had remembered Cynthia. He stepped forward to challenge the guys, just then he got the beating of his life.


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  3. Nice one T.Dan. I av an observation though. I think it will be more formal and flow well if you could be using ‘glance’ instead of ‘glimpse’
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