Isn’t this Raymond?  Cynthia was bug eyed as she couldn’t take her eyes off him. “Ray!” She shouted the name and glimpsed at Maria.

    “Do you know him?” Maria enquired, also looking surprised.

    “Sure, em… Raymond say something.” She walked closer, her heartbeat had increased and she was looking happy within herself.

    Raymond was just staring at her. He couldn’t remember her from anywhere. “Who are you please?” He asked politely.

    Cynthia halted. Her eyes popped more open as she felt embarrassed. “Raymond!” She called his name again and exhaled.

    “Cynthia, there’s more to this issue, more.” Maria walked up to her and pulled her in.


    “So how do I trust you?” The Doctor asked the impatient friends.

    “Sir, we are real..” Ayomide said as he tried to bring out his mobile phone and showed him the group picture they took. He showed him Raymond’s contact on his phone, BBM and Whatsapp.

    The Doctor smiled. He called on the nurse on duty to bring Raymomd’s card so he would copy the address and phone number on it for them. As soon as he gave them, they rushed up again.

    Ayomide had started calling the mobile number from the spot they were given. He was able to reach Maria. “Please, I’m Raymond’s friend and I have been searching for him but he’s nowhere to be found.” He explained.

    “We came to Faith Hospital, the Doctor gave us the address to your place and the mobile numbers.” He replied the question she asked on the other end.

    “Alright, we are on the way there.” He ended the call.


    “Please tell me what is happening.” Cynthia tapped Maria She dropped her mobile phone after the call.

    “Cynthia, how do you know that guy?” Maria enquired.

    “He’s the manager of Daddy’s company, the company that I manage.” She replied breathing fastly.

    “I met him in an accident on that road that leads to the polythecnic of Ede. The road where people fetch water from the wife of a soldier there.” She replied.

    “You don’t mean this… What time?” She sat properly, getting more interested.

    “Very late in the night. But, don’t be embarrassed because he said he didn’t know you. He now has em.. Retro.. I don’t know the name but he has Amnesia now.” She told her looking sad.

    “Oh!” Cynthia hit her hand on the table. “God, what’s the meaning of this?” She sat down, looking so unhappy.

    “But Cynthia, why is your own concern this much?” Maria stared at her.

    “You’ll get to know soon. Can I speak to him?” She asked.

    “Sure, you can also assist in bringing back his memory.” She beamed and petted her.

    “Help bring him into the room here.” She told Maria.


     Raymond’s friends had been enquiring about the Street In the address they were given. The knew nowhere in Osun State, if not for the true love between them all, some friends couldn’t have done all they’ve been doing.

    After the long drive, they got to Laoye Street. They traced the houses till they got to the fifth house, as it was written down in the address. Ismail parked at the front of the gate and they all came down. “This must be the place.” Ismail said as he knocked at the gate.

    This time, Maria was taking Raymond in to meet Cynthia. She turned back and told Raymond she’d be right back. She ran toward the gate swiftly. Precious was in her room, cleaning the place up.

    Though Maria was scared byt opened the gate for the four friends. He let them enter and gave them seats as she ran upstairs to get Raymond. She took him to where Cynthia was and tlld Cynthia to follow them because some four guys were asking of Raymond as his friends.

    “They should be his friends..” Cynthia uttered and followed her as she walked beside Raymond, glancing at him frequently.

     “Raymond!” The four guys chorused his name as they stood, all surprised.


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