MARIA beamed as she discussed with Precious about her cousin- Cynthia that would come and visit her. “Hope the room has been cleaned?” She asked Precious smiling.

    “Why asking me? You better go and check it out yourself.” She replied.

    “Feel at home again, Raymond, the house is yours.” Maria smiled and walked in. “Thanks so much.” He replied her bowing.


    Donald sat down on the plastic chair as he awaited his two friends. He had bought drinks for himself and friends, Francis had called to tell him he and Philip were almost at the restaurant where they had agreed to meet.

    They finally got there as Donald was about calling them again to ask of where they were. “Hey guys.” He smiled shook them.

    “Donald the lover boy..” Philip grinned and shook him.

    The two guys sat down and picked up the drinks on the table. They had known it was meant for them already, they were free and jovial to one another. “How did the meeting go?” Francis asked Donald.

    “It was on my favour but the girl still… she still doesn’t like me.” He said.

    “You think so or you feel so?” Philip asked as he took a sip of drink.

    “Guys, jokes apart. I know it, what should I do, I like this babe, you know!” He clapped his hands together and smiled.

    “Lover boy!” Philip grinned and shook him again.

    “See, this is a simple issue, no one is goint to tell you the reality other than us here.” Francis pointed to himself and Philip concluded then continued. “She’s just playing hard-to-get, eventually after your marriage, you’ll see that she’s going to fall in love with you.” He winked at Donald.

    Donald exhaled deply and smiled. “Thanks buddy, I know you guys are only the ones that can wash this depression on mine down.” He chuckled and shook them. “What would you like to eat?” He enqueired and called on the waiter.


    “Sister, what else should I pack?” Kate asked Cynthia.

    “Thank you very much Kate, I guess this is alright.” She replied her with a sexy smile.

   She had packed everything that she’d need for her journey to Osun State. “But sis, what of dad’s company?” Kate enquired.

    “What’s my own busniess with a company? The compnay should hold herself, I have to struggle for my future before foming back to it.” She smiled. “Anyways, are you going to leave for Ede early?”

    “Sure, I wish to leave early.” She replied and stood up.


    Ayomide walked out of the bathroom into the room where they lodged. He had a towel around his neck and looked tired as he approached his friends. “Guys, what do we do next, I’m tired for today..” He said and sat down by the edge of the bed.

    “Honestly, I’m really fed up! We don’t even know the hospital he was taken to..” Ismail sighed.

    Lawrence glimpsed at Ismail and laid on the floor. “We have to keep searching, we just have to..” He uttered.

    “Guys, let’s go back to the hospitals we went to today and show them his photograph, I guess something is going to be done..” Ayomide suggested.

    “Nice idea guy!” Paul smiled and rested his back. They were all tired.


    The following day.

    With the help of Cynthia’s friends, she left the house as early as possible for Osun State. She had called Maria, her cousin that she was already on her way again and Maria told her she was welcome.

    She sped off and kept thinking of Raymond, wondering where he could be. If Raymond was still around, even if her father was ready to disturb her to the end, she would endure and stick to him but now, without him she fely incomplete.

    God, wherever Raymond is, just help him amd give him sound health. If he was kidnapped, let him be realeased soon so that I can set my eyes on him again. Uphold him for me….


    Raymond’s friend started their ultimate search again that morning. They were determined that without gettimg Raymond, they wouldn’t leave Ede. They started visiting various hospitals again until they
got to the hospital he was discharged from.

    They walked in and accessed the nurses at the reception. They enquired for Raymond as Ismail brought out his mobile phone and showed the nurse his picture. The nurse recognized him instantly. She couldn’t tell them the actual place where he was.

    How could she know if they were kidnappers or hired assassins sent to eliminate his life. “He’s not here.” The nurse said and hit the ball pen she was bolding on the file beside her.

    “He should be here, yoh acted as if you recognized him, please don’t do this us, recognize him..” Ayomide begged her. He could read it that she recognized him at firat sight.

    “Don’t let me lie to you, I know him, but you have to go and see the Doctor before anything can be done.” She told them.

    Ayomide grinned at his friends. He thought they’ve found him. “Where’s the Doctor’s office?” Had quickly asked

    The nurse informed the other nurse on duty that she’d be right back as she led them to the Doctor’s office.


Cynthia finally got to Ede, it had been long she visited the state so she couldn’t really figure out where her house was, amy longer. She called Maria and told her to come and pick her up because she would get lost.

    Maria enquired where she was and promised she’d come and meet her inatantly. She told Precious that Cynthia had arrived into Ede and she’d be right back.

    She rushed out of the house with her car and drove to where Cynthia said she was. Both hugged happily as they were hlad to see each other again after years.

    Maria drove ahead as Cynthia followed her till they got to her place. Maria hooted twice before Precious came to get the gate. As she drove in, Precious welcomed her happily and helped her with her box.

    Raymomd had also woken, Precious had been telling him to stop sweeping but he refused. He was sweeping the living room when Cynthia walked in. “Welcome,” he said and stood up, just for his eyeballs to collide with that of Cynthia.

continues tomorrow morning….

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  1. Nice update T-Dan. Please after typing,try and proof read ur work before uploading coz there are some typographical errors in it. Thanks!


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