What is this man saying? What introduction?  “What introduction? Dad.” She questioned as she stared at her father angrily.

    “You heard me right, didn’t you?” He hissed.

    “I guess it’s high time we left here for the couple..” Donald’s father grinned as he stood up and faced Daniel.

    “Sure, that was what I was about doing.” He grinned mischievously and followed Donald’s father, both excused the newly matched couple.

    Not long after their departure, she stood angrily and carried her bag. “Where are you off to? I guess we were left here to have nice time, sit and let’s celebrate.” Donald said.

    Cynthia halted and turned back, giving him a scary look. Donald took his face away and smiled. He stood up and placed his right hand on her shoulder. Cynthia pushed his hand away and faced him properly. “What is the meaning of this rubbish? Why on earth did you touch me?” She hissed aloud and left the compound.

    Donald heaved a sigh and sat down.


    Precious and Maria left the hospital that night to take a rest. They had been informed by the Doctor that Raymond would be discharged the following day. They left as early as they could because they waited to receive the outcome of the tests the Doctor carried out on him.

    Maria drove off, she was very tired. “Why don’t you let us go and visit Frank to collect your purse and phone?” Precious asked.

    “Yeah, that’s true.” She smiled and headed there.


    Cynthia stepped into the living room and sat, exhaling deeply. “Wasn’t easy.” She said and dropped her handbag on the floor.

    “How far? Have you seen him?” Paulina asked.

    “No, couldn’t even contact his friends.” She replied.

    “Sorry, all is well.” Aliyah said and cuddled her.

    “Dad even called me today..” she stopped abruptly.

    “What again? I just hope it’s not Donald.” Evelyn uttered.

    “Exactly! It was Donald. Imagine Dad telling me I’m going to have my introduction done next week Saturday.” She said angrily.

    “What?” Paulina voiced out while others laughed.

    “This is not a funny matter. I just don’t know why things are going thia way, it’s annoying, not funny!” She exclaimed.

    “Take it easy.. Next week? To Donald?” Evelyn chuckled.

    “That’s not possible now, you own yourself and you life! Alhaji can’t tell me that, when he’s not the one who will go and live with me in the guy’s house.” Aliyah hissed.

    “All the same, bring a guy wih a thin trouser and think he’s going to accept him as his son in-law.” Esther smiled.

    “That’s not the point now, the point is getting Raymond.” She stood up. “I’m really hungry.” She said as she approached the dinning set.

    “There’s bread in the oven and you can use anything of your choice to take it.” Paulina replied her.

    “Alright, thanks.” She smiled as she headed in to take her bath.


    Finally, the Youth Coppers that were sold the phone got to the guys that sold the phone to them. Raymond’s friends had planned they wouldn’t take any rubbish from anyone as they got there.

    They enquired where they got the phone but after some minutes, they spoke the truth that it was gotten from a car that had an accident. Ray’s friends were scared, was Raymond involved in the accident?

    They begged the guys to take them to where the accident happened.


The following day.

    Cynthia rushed out of the house for the office. She had almost forgotten she had a meeting with her one of her clients. She was still not in the mood of going to he office but she had to leave because the meeting was an important one.

    She left for the company and had the meeting with the clients. After the meeting, something dropped into her mind that she should check Raymond’s file tp know his house address.

    She did that and copied down the address. It was not even far from her own house. She met no one at home as she got there. It was there she received Kate’s call that she had gotten to her place.

    Thank God her house wasn’t far from there, she rushed down to meet her sister.


    Maria and Precious walked into the hospital to pick Raymond up. It was the day he’d be discharged. They paid the bills that were left and walked to the car.

    Raymond was already better. “What’s your name?” Maria asked Raymond.

    “Name..” Raymond repeated and started thinking. He couldn’t remember anything.

    “Alright, don’t worry.” Maria smiled and opened the door for him to enter into the car. “Where are we off to?” Precious asked her quietly.

    “My place.” She replied and hopped into the car. “Don’t you think checking out the accident scene again might bring back his memory?” She asked her.

    “That’s true..” She smiled and drove off.


    Raymond’s friend slept in Ede, Osun State. They had seen that his car was involved in an accident and didn’t know what to do. They lodged in a hotel where they slept and had been visiting the accident scene frequently until an idea dropped into Ayomide’s mind.

    “He had an accident,  don’t you guys thinking searching for him in hospitals nearby is going to make us located him?”

    “That’s true, instead of parading this place since yesterday night.” Ismail supported him.

    “So how do we go about it? Which hospital do we know here?” Lawrence asked.

    “We are going to keep asking.” Ayomide replied and entered into the car.


    Cynthia hugged her sister and sat down. “How did you gain entrance?” She asked curiously as she took off her shoes.

    “Didn’t I tell you I did the duplicate when…”

    “Yeah!” Cynthia recollected. “So how are you?” She asked, though still looked worried.

    “I’m good.” Kate smiled.

    “Can you believe what Dad called me for, last night?” Cynthia asked Kate.

    “What?” Kate sat down, eager to know.

    “He said I’ll be having my introduction done next week.” She informed her.

    “Introduction? With who?” Kate was as well shockeded.

    “Who else?” She hissed.

    “But why is Dad like this? This was the exact thing he did to brother Franklin, why does he like imposing and matchmaking! What of brother Raymond?” She asked.

    “He’s missing. What do you think brought me home as early as this? If you got here for your holiday that isn’t going to move me. I’ve been searching for him.” She said and explained what happened to her.

    “This is bad! So nice of him.” Kate felt bad.

    “So, I’m still going out soon, at least to know how far.” She told her.

    “Alright Sis.” She smiled.


    Just after Raymond’s friends left the accident scene, Maria got there with Raymond. They all stepped down from the car and walked towards the car. “Do you know this car?” Maria asked Raymond.

    Raymond stared at the car continuously, trying to remember something but nothing came through. “No.” He later gave up the thought.

    Maria was getting frustrated. Amnesia wasn’t a good thing to happen to someone, she thought and opened the driver’s door of the car. She searched the car until she got to the safe and saw a new blue diary. “Do you know this?” She asked as she rose it up to him.

    It was a gift from Cynthia after the birrhday. He stared at it, he still couldn’t recollect it.

    Maria sighed and walked forward.  “Let’s go.” She said as she opened the diary and saw APRIL GUYS AND CYNTHIA, written boldly. As soon as he entered into the car, she asked him who Cynthia was, and he raised his head. “Cynthia… Cynthia…” he kept calling the name as he racked his brain.


    Raymond’s friends had been searching for him in various hospitals but hadn’t located the real hospital he was taken to. They were really friend indeed to him.

    After two hours of searching for him, they returned back to the hotel they lodged.


    “Sister, what are you going to do concerning this Donald’s marriage of a thing?” Kate asked her sister.

    “I wish to run away. I want to go to a place where no one will suspect.” She told her sister.

    “Then we have to go together because they might trace you to me and you know Dad.”

     “What of my friends?” She smiled.

     “And, where’s that place that you think it is secured where you can go to?” She asked.

    “I wish to visit Maria, our cousin in Ede.” She told her.

    “Maria..” Kate smiled on hearing her name.

    “Yes, he won’t even know I’m in Ede, would he?” She smiled faintly.

    “That’s the best idea sis, carry on.” She smiled and both hugged.

    “But when are you going to Ede now?” Kate asked her.

    “Tomorrow should be the best day.” She replied.

    Maria was Cynthia’s cousin that had been in Ede because her father’s businesses were established there. Her father was economical, he knew there were not many companies in Ede which would lead to low competition, that was why he moved to Ede with his family.


    “Home sweet home…” Precious smiled as she lead the way in.
    She stood by the door to lock it up after Maria and Raymond had entered. “This is my house, feel free.” Maria smiled.

    “Thanks.” Ray bowed and sat down. He was still pondering on the name, Cynthia. Just after, Precious called Maria in to speak with her.

    “Do you think what we are doing won’t later be a crime?”

    “Crime? Did we cause the accident?” She questioned as she brought put her phone.

    “My mind is not just at rest. And, harbouring a guy inside this house, don’t you think its dangerous? Guys are dangerous, why don’t you let him go and stay with your brother?”

    “No, what is wrong with him is amnesia and we are the only ones that can brint back his memory as quick as possible because there’s no family member around. I don’t think he is dangerous, and if he plays a funny game, his end might be disastrous.” She smiled.

    “You are right.” She replied smiling.

    “I just hope this fool hasn’t spoilt my phone.” She started pressing buttons on the phone.

    Just an hour after, she received Cynthia’s call that she’d visit her the following day to spend a month with her. She explained everything her uncle; Cynthia’s Dad wanted her to do and Maria was happy Cynthia would come to her place again.



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  1. Nice update,T-Dan,you mean I’ll ve to wait a whole week to read the next update,its not fair oooo. Am glad that Cynthia will get to meet Raymond at Maria’s house. All the best dear. GOD is your strength!!


  2. looking 4ward to Cynthia meeting Raymond in Maria’s apartment………buh Tdan has a way of twisting nd twirling event…..i wont be suprise

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  3. Nice update sir ….. Just read game of love and I really liked, the story ….. And i noticed that, your stories usually has a moral and sometimes religious aspect to it …… Well all i want to say is keep it up sir and may God bless and reward you for the time you sacrifice to make your fans happy.
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