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  1. Pls I cant access the épisode five.the link Is not opening while other épisodes are opening.Are u sure u did the archiving well?thks


  2. Backup and documentation are vital keys to success but it seem we overlook it.Pls always backup or document Ur work.No one Can tell where Ur gift Is taking u to……..n u cannot afford to disappoint those depending on u.


    1. That’s what I hate most, disappointing those who love me. There’s nothing I’m gonna gain in lying or not updating. Even the exam I ended weakened me buh I still typed. I already documented all but while editing, I had to reopen because d application won’t update until after three times of retrying to update. Through that process, everything wipe wipe off, it’s only of if I l’ve copied it before that I can relate through native browsers. Wanted to copy when everything just wiped off and the thing didn’t update.

      I’m deeply sorry people….


  3. Why not try to save your stories before posting them. Copy and paste do great jobs. That way, even when wordpress messes up, as long as you had copied your typed episode, you would still be good to go! No data lost, just copy and paste suffering.


  4. Mogenerous, God sees my heart, I was about copying it when it apnd. It also apnd during episode three but I copied it before hand. The WordPress application does that everytime. I should be d one angry oh coz it caused me tears. After exam on Thursday, I never took a rest, started typing and all wiped again… I saved it but was about reopening to copy like I did for episode three before wiping off but this one wiped off automatically. It’s annoying!


  5. Woow…. Heyyah… So sorry! Do it this way then… Download notepad that can save higher number of words. Type and save your typed stories on the notepad first, then copy to paste on wordpress….


  6. Thanks for the Episode five,just got it in the office now……,wasnt happy since saturday cos av been longing to read….lol.Am happy now anyway .God is ur strength n He is takinyou to places


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