MARIA AND PRECIOUS hurried into the ward with the nurse to check on the patient that just gave up. ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.” Maria muttered as she saw the corpse from the entrance into the ward. She glanced at Precious and felt sad. “How come they are dying? Is there any hope on the unconscious guy?” Maria questioned the nurse as she covered up the corpse and was heading out to get the Doctor informed.

    Within twelve hours, four out of five that were involved in the fatal accident had given up, Raymond was the only one still lying unconscious on the hospital bed.

    Precious was taking her mind off Ray too, poco-a-poco. They followed the nurse as she walked slowly, going to the Doctor’s office to get hik informed about the new loss. Doesn’t she know what to say or why can’t she reply? Precious muttered as she desperately followed her.

    They didn’t stop until they followed her into the Doctor’s office. Immediately she concluded divulging the news, Maria raised a question. “Doctor, is the last guy going to wake up?”

    “I pray he does, and if he’s going to wake, it should be as soon as possible because if eventually he has amnesia, it will take a longer time for him to recover his memory.” He replied hitting his ball pen on the table quietly. “So you can’t diagnose if he’s suffering from amnesia now?” Precious enquired.

    “We can’t, until he wakes up. Leave the rest to me and my Co-Doctors, you wouldn’t understand if I try to make it more vivid.” He smiled and dropped the pen he was holding. “Alright, let’s go and check the spot where the accident happened if any valuable material can be gotten back from the vehicle.” Precious said to Maria. “Yeah.” She stood upright and both walked out.


    “Patience costs nothing, I told you to let me drive.” Paulina said as she gave Cynthia a long look. “Is the way I’m driving so bad?” Cynthia replied her complaint and applied the brake suddenly as she almost hit a car. “Why do people drive this way!” Cynthia blurted and hit the starring of the car.

    “If not for the brakes..” Paulina stopped abruptly and shook her head. “That wasn’t my fault, was it?” Cynthia gave a sharp glance. “If you weren’t running as much as that, it wouldn’t have happened. Thank God we have a saviour.” She hissed dryly.

    The other three ladies were coming from behind, in Aliyah’s car while Paulina joined Cynthia in her car. “But wait, where on earth are we going to?” Paulina asked again as she brought out her phone to check if she had no missed call. “We are going to.. I don’t know, let’s keep going.” She hissed and marched on the accelerator.


    Paul ended the call and brought out his laptop. “Ayo amd Lawrence said he’s not in the hospital.” He told his friends.

    “So, what do you want to do on the laptop?” Ismail asked him.

    “I think I know his BlackBerry log in ID, I want to search for the location.” He said. “That’s true, he used ‘Akinray2000’ as the password.” Ismail told him.

    Paul searched for the location phone on through the BlackBerry protect site. “Guy I got it!” He shouted, smiling.

    Ismail rushed up to him and sat beside him. “You’re a genius man!” He grinned. “But where’s this place?” He pointed to the location. “Osun state.” Ismail said and continued staring at the laptop. “How come Ray is in Osun state?” Both glimpsed at each other.


      “He just moved his index finger!” The nurse exclaimed as she went in search of the Doctor.

    The Doctor stood immediately also and walked briskly into the ward. That was what he was waiting for, before he would diagnose anything, he’d have to run a physical examination on him and know if he had no disease such as brain tumor, dementia and lot more.

    Ray’s reflexes and sensory functions would also have to be tested to judge if had amnesia. The Doctor was glad he woke up early. If it was amnesia, waking up that early would make it easier for him to recover his memory than being unconscious for days.

    “Just let him rest for hours before I start with him.” The Doctor instructed the nurses and left for his office.


    “I hope everything left in this car are still there because of the thieves.” Maria said as she opened the driver’s door and peeped inside the car. There was no assurance that everything in the car were still there.

    The ladies began searching but found no phone in the car. “But they were five guys now.. how possible is it that none had no phone?” Precious hissed continuously.

    “I’m quite sure some people must have come to steal the phone.” Maria exhaled deeply and got out of the car. “The people we don’t even know!” Precious hissed again.

    “We just have to help. My own purse, phone and money is still in that fool’s house.” Maria said, walking back to her car.


    “Have you found anything?” Lawrence asked as he entered into the living room.

    “Yeah. His phone is in Osun State.” He replied.

    “Osun?” Ayomide moved closer.

    “How do we go about this? I’m getting frustrated.” Ismail uttered.

    “We have to head to Osun state. Raymond is not like this, I’m sure something happened.” Ayomide said.


    Precious and Maria walked into the hospital again, this time, tired and frustrated. They headed to the Doctor’s office as directed by the nurses to know what to do next. “He has regained consciousness.” The Doctor told them as they entered into his office.

    “Really?” Maria and Precious chorused and walked faster to sit down. “Yes, just after you left.” He told them.

    “So what’s the next thing to do? Iz he fine?” Maria asked.

    “And you said you don’t know these guys?” The Doctor asked. “Yeah, we only met them in the accident amd decided to help them last night.” Precious replied him.

    “Alright, I’ve not diagnosed his ailment. But I pray it’s not amnesia.” He dropped his pen and gave the ladies a long look.

    “Why can’t you diagnose his ailment now? At least, he’s already awake.” Maria said.

    “He must fully recover before I can talk to him. I just called the physicians who are going to carry out physical examination on his reflexes, sensory functions, balance and other parts of nervous system. After that, if its amnesia we’re going to know. And, amnesia is just one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

    “Which one is Alzheimer’s disease again?”

    “Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive decline. A neurodegenerative type of dementia, the disease starts mild and gets progressively worse. You won’t understand, but I pray all will be well.” He smiled.

    “Amen.” The ladies chorused.


    The physicians arrived in the hospital while the Doctor headed to Raymond’s ward to examine him. He asked him if he was alright and could speak and he replied.

    “Can you remember how the accident happened?” The Doctor asked him.

    “Accident? Which accident?” He asked, wondering.

    Seeming like amnesia. The Doctor thought and sighed.

    “Which state do you hail from?” He asked him.

    “I don’t know.. I don’t think I know.” He replied slowly, still having a chronic headache.

    “Okay, what’s your name?” The Doctor asked.

    “Name…” he repeated and stared at the Doctor. He couldn’t remember anything.
    This is serious.

    “What’s your best meal?” He asked Ray.   

    “I don’t know.” He replied again.

     The physicians stepped in and carried out their test on him likewise.


    Cynthia got dressed up and entered into her car when she heard knocks. She had told her friends she’d go in search of Raymond, none of them should follow her.

    She walked to the gate and enquired who was there. She could see a wine-coloured Honda CRV parked outside the gate as she peeped through. “Donald.” She heard the burly voice.

    What is he doing here? She thought within herself as her eyes popped open. Who on earth gave him the address to her house? It must be Grace.

    “Who’s Donald?” She simulated.

    “How many Donalds do you know?” He questioned her. “See, I’m not in thr mood to talk to anyone, I’m really busy and I have somewhere important I wish to to go to.” She said, trying to rebuke his presence.

    “I came to discuss with you, just for few minutes and I’ll let go.” He replied.

    Cynthia opened the gate and stood by it. She posed in such a way that he wouldn’t be able to come in. “What do you have to say?” She asked.

    “At least, good morning should start a discussion.” He smiled, admiring her from head to toe. “It seems you have nothing to say. I’m serious, I havr to get somewhere important and wait, who gave you the address to this place?” She questioned.

    “An animal can’t describe this place, sure it’s a human being.” He kept smiling, staring at her.

    “Don’t you really have anything to say?” She was running out of patience.

    “Yeah, this house is not the standard. I do not expect you to be living here as rich as you are. You need something better.” He was getting her cheesed-off intentionally.

    “See, I’ve told you earlier that I have something better to attend to. Please leave.” She was very indignant.

    “Anyways, I came because of the love I have for you. Why did you reject the jeep I gave you?” He enquired.

    “I thought only your ears were bad, but now I can see that your brain doesn’t work properly.” She hissed.

    “I know you are aiming at getting me annoyed but I won’t be.. Let’s go out for shipping.”

    Oops! Dad must have given him the address here. Why is he so mad, what does he want from me now? I need privacy…

    “Donald..” she called his name and pushed him away. She lockes the gate and walked inside the house angrily. “So you ladies never knew that I’ve not gone?” She walked in angrily.

    “We know, we heard tbe knocks at the gate and were sure you’ve been with whoever that came.” Paulina replied.

    She hissed and sat down. “It was Donald, I don’t know what he came for, he is too stupid.” She hissed.

    The ladies laughed. “I’m sure he is still there, how ‘re you going to leave now?” Evelyn asked.

    “It’s my headache that caused everything.. but how come he knew I didn’t go to work?” She said, wondering.

    “He might have visited the company before coming here.” Esther said.

     “That’s true,”  Aliyah supported her.

     “Now, where do you intend going?” Evelyn asked Cynthia.

    “Wanna go around of course, want to search for him.” She replied.


    The Doctor called Precious and Maria into his office. He just left a ward of a woman who had a miscarriage. “Here we are, sir.” They sat down before him, eager to know what he’d say.

    “It’s the same, amnesia.” He got them informed.

     “Amnesia? What are we going to do now?” Maria enquired.

    “He’s suffering from retrograde amnesia. A type of amnesia  in which past events won’t be remembered. In this case, his family members are needed because they are going to play great roles in bringing back his memory.” He explained.

    “Retrograde amnesia. I thought amnesia is amnesia, so there are various types?” Precious asked, looking surprised.

    “Yes. There are many types. Anterogade, transistent global amnesia, traumatic and others. His own can be categorized under traumatic and retrograde because traumatic amnesia is about having a hard blow to the brain due which may be due to car accidents.”

    Maria heaved a sigh. “Poor guy..”

    “So there are no drugs that can be used to bring back his memory?” Precious asked.

    “There are none yet, but hypnosis is a way of calling back lost memories and I’d like to know if it’s just amnesia and there’s no physical or brain abnormality so we have to carry out some tests. Do you think you can comprehend?” He asked.

“Sure, though we don’t know him but we can’t tell where he might be useful in future.” Maria replied.

“You think so?” Precious faced Maria and chuckled. “What tests and hope they are not too expensive?”

“Blood test, electroencephalogram and magnetic resonance imaging scan.” He replied.

“All is well.” Maria sighed.


Raymond’s friends got ready as soon as they could, rushing to Osun state. It was Lawrence that drove them, with Ayomide’s car. Paul hardly took his eyes off the laptop, trying to locate exact place where the phone was. “Guys, this phone don leave Osun oh..” he said, still staring at the laptop screen.

“You don’t mean it.” Lawrence said and pulled out of the road.

“This phone is back to Oyo State now, it seems Raymond has gotten back to Ibadan.” Ayomide said.

“Let me have a look..” Lawrence struggled to get the laptop.

“I don’t think the GPS of his ipad is on.” Paul uttered.

“Lets go back to Ibadan..” Lawrence suggested.


3:30 pm.

The four guys got the location of the phone and got hold of the guys who took the phone. They asked them where they got the phone and where the owner was but they said it was sold to them while they were preparing to leave Ede for Ibadan by some guys.

They told them they’d have to follow them back to Ede to the guys who sold them the phone because the owner of the phone was missing. It seemed everything was getting vivid.


“Guy how far now?” Francis said as he entered with Philip into Donald’s office.

Donald smiled. They’ve been best friends since their secondary school days. The two guys were also from rich families, which made the friendship with Donald impermeable.

They were the heirs to their fathers’ companies and businesses and were also in money. “I’m good guys, you?” Donald forced a smile and stood to shake them.

“Did you just say you’re good? You don’t look as much..” Philip shook him and sat down.

“I just left her place again. She still don’t have time for me.. She says I’m proud or arrogant… I don’t even know.” He hissed.

“So it’s because of Cynthia you’re like this?” Francis chuckled. “It’s a very easy thing.” Francis uttered.

“What is easy?” Donald hissed again and picked up his pen.

“Yes, I just thought of an idea. Let’s research on the guy or guys that are following her and get them threatened or if possible, eliminated.” Philip said.

“Nice one.” Francis grinned and raised his thumbs up.

“Do you think that will make her love me? And, I don’t want to eliminate, I hate murdering.” He said.

“Another thing is telling your dad you’d like to get married as soon as you can and she’s your choice. At least you said her father is close to yours and her fathee wants you. She’s going to be forced!” Francis suggested.

“That’s true!” Donald smiled and nooded happily. “I’ll make sure everything would be done.” He grinned.

“Nice one man! The earlier..” Francis faced Philip, giving him a face of completing the sentence.

“-the better.” Philip concluded the statement and both laughed.

“You guys are the best!” Donald was happy.


“I wish to see you, tonight.” Daniel told Cynthia, his daughter.

“Tonight?” Cynthia glimpsed at her wrist watch. It was past six already. This is the work of Donald! She muttered.

“You sure aren’t deaf!” Her father chided.

“Alright sir.” She replied and ended the call.

She was still out, searching for Raymond. She had been searching for him all day but didn’t get him. She didn’t have any of his friend’s mobile number, she’d have called to know how well they had gone.

Let me try his mobile number again. She thought and called him but the battery was already flat.

♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥

Cynthia walked into her father’s compound looking worried. She hadn’t taken her bath since morning neither had she tasted anything. She turned on hearing voices and saw him, Donald’s father and Donald himself seated under the small tree beside the garage.

She walked there briskly and greeted the elders on seat. “Sit down.” Her father said, smiling.

She sat, unfortunately it was right beside the annoying Donald. “I called you to get you informed that your introduction is next week Saturday and nothing can change that.”

Cynthia’s eyes popped wide open.




  1. Well done T-Dan,but there are some typographical errors like d place where the nurse went to inform the doctor that Ray has woken up,u wrote hik instead of him then the place where Donald visited Cynthia,you wrote she lockes instead of locked the gate,then where Donald wanted to take her out for shopping,u wrote shipping. Keep it up!


  2. T-Dan,you mean I will have to wait till next weekend to read another update,na wah ooooo. The thing get as e be ooooo. What kind of suspense is this,abi u want person to have heart attack. Please try and do something about this your weekly update because I don’t buy the idea at all unless you want me to close down ur blog.*Winks* well done!!


  3. Nice one dear…i pray Raymond’s friend investigate d fone issue to d root..wv that, they ll get to knw he had an accident…wish uquickest recovery, Raymond. As for Daniel, love n marriage is voluntary,not forced.. pls find smfn to do abt d weekly update too..we wnt mind twice a week. d suspense is killing.


  4. u really doing grt job. jst dat am eager to knw wats gonna happen to Ray. u mean am gonna wait till nxt saturday b4 i can gt it? lolz. Nice job once again


  5. its getting more interesting n pls Ray has 2recover as soon as possible. Cynthia shuld not leave him when she hears about his problem.. n once again,,,,,,, mr. T. u r jst d best


  6. Just wanna point out some errors, ‘It’s a very easy thing’. I think t’should be ‘its something easy’

    Also, you said Cynthia was searching for Reymond… Dyu mean she was going from house to house? lols… just joking anyways… Nice write-up man!

    I’m really enjoying the story.. keep it up!


  7. This is a great suspense sir,but pls do something about i found her epsd 7 nd continue shadow of love on nairaland.Thankz nd God bless.


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