RAYMOND sat down. His friends had been calling his mobile phone too, he felt he should go home to change his clothes too and tell his friends about the latest development.

    He got up again and told the nurses he’d be back soon. He told them Cynthia’s friends might come to ask after her but he’d be back soon. He left the hospital and sped off till he got to a junction he was stopped by some guys and they entered into his car forcefully.

Raymond just couldn’t tell what to do. The guys were four and they didn’t look joking. They must be thieves, he concluded within himself, shivering seriously. The guys just told him to keep going or else they’d get him killed. He couldn’t call neither speak, he regretted leaving the hospital that minute but all was because of Cynthia. He could do anything for her.

    It was getting really dark, Ray couldn’t answer the question on where he should go to, who the guys were and what should be done. “You know what? We dey go Osun State tonight, Ede. Dey take us there or you die.” One of the guys spoke.

    “Ede?” He continued driving, aiming miracle would happen that’d help him out. Must he drive them there?


Maria and Precious entered into the living room. It was such a horrible day for Maria. She was just six feet and two inches tall with a light complexion. She had a long hair, a beautiful set of white teeth and a mature appearance. She was coming from Frank’s house, her boyfriend or to be called ex, as at that evening.

    She had always experienced a trouble or the other with the guy till he finally broke up with her that day. She was patient, nice and taciturn which even made the relationship last for the seven months it lasted for. The guy was from a poor background but nonetheless,  Maria still loved him and did give him money and everything needed by him. Yet, he was just promiscuous.

    Maria had told him severally against his fornication and womanizing but he- Frank would always turn the discussion upside down and later as a fight between the two. He just found another lady from the hotel he did visit, to squander Maria’s money.

    Precious was her best friend who just came to spend some weeks with her, before leaving for her own house.

They’ve been angry, and been nagging till they got back home.

    “I’ve always told you guys won’t make heaven..” Precious flung her handbag to the other side of the sofa and sat down. She turned to Maria, gave her a look of expecting her to comment.

    Maria was mute, she was just angry. All her money, time, patience and wisdom had resulted into the shattered heart she had. She just sat down, unbonded her hair and was cogitating on what to do.

    “Mary, won’t you say to this issue?” She said.

    “What else do I say again? We discussed this in the car till we got home. I don’t want to remember him anymore.” She flung her hand, dismissing the discussion.

    Precious sighed and sat back, resting her back against the sofa properly.


    “We seek for Cynthia.” Aliyah said to one of the nurses on duty as they came in.

    The four friends got dressed up immediately they heard that Cynthia collapsed and was in the hospital.They all came in Aliyah’s car as she drove as fast as she could to get to the hospital.

    As Raymond had told the nurses earlier that Cynthia would be asked after by some ladies, she assumed they would be the ones. “Just wait, aunties. The Doctor will attend to you.” The nurse replied.

    “How’s she now and where’s the guy that bought her?” Paulina asked.

    “He said he was going home to change his clothing and he’d be back soon.” She informed.

    “Alright.” They chorused and all sat down.

    Not quite long after, the Doctor attending to Cynthia came out and asked after Raymond but was told he wasn’t around. It was Cynthia’s friends that followed the Doctor in, to check on Cynthia.


    “How are you now?” Each of the ladies asked Cynthia.

    “Where’s Raymond?” Cynthia asked softly.

    The ladies all glimpsed at one another. They just asked how she was and what she’d say was to ask of Raymond. “He went home.” Esther got her informed.

    “Alright, I’m alright.” She smiled.
    “We were scared! I thought something bad happened when Raymond called us and told us to fell.” Paulina smiled, placing her right hand on Cynthia’s shoulder.

    “Thank God I’m fine.” She exhaled deeply.

    “Ray will soon be back… Raymond’s wife.” Evelyn grinned.
They all laughed.

45 minutes after.

    The was no power supply. Maria had switched on the generator and was in the living room, watching a movie. Her friend was inside the room pinging with her brother when she decided to beep her friend just to disturb her.

    She sent her messages thrice and noticed that she didn’t reply her. Is she still angry? She asked within herself and came out of the room. She walked to the living room briskly and addressed her. “Why aren’t you replying me?” She sat beside her.

    “Replying you in what way?” Maria was surprised at the question she wasn’t expecting.

    “I pinged you..” she stopped abruptly. “You’ve not replied.” She concluded.

    “I’m not with my phone.. She stood up and searched where she was sitting but couldn’t find her mobile phone. Where’s it? She wondered and searched her bags but still couldn’t find it.

    “I hope you’ve not forgotten it at Frank’s house?” Precious inquired.

    “Oh my God!” Maria hissed and sat angrily. “You won’t believe that my purse is there..” She hissed again.

    “No problem, we’ll go and pick it up tomorrow morning.” Precious sat down.

    “Tomorrow? Today will be the last day I ever want to set my eyes kn Frank. I’ll go get it, this night!” She stood at once.

    “Driving at night’s dangerous, let’s make it tomorrow.” Precious persuaded her.

    “No,” she was adamant. “Are you going with me or not?” She questioned.

    “I will.” Precious also stood up while Maria went to the backyard to switch off the generator.


    Raymond arrived in Ede with the guys. They still didn’t let him off the hook as they told him to continue with the journey. From all indications, the guys must have gone to Ibadan for a terrible operation.

    The guys were already at ease because they were in Ede already. It was then they started gisting and talking about how the operation went. Raymond was getting frustrated. He started thinking on what to do to make the thieves leave him earlier than they would. Who knows what they might do to him after helping them? They might say he already knew them and just shoot him. The best thing he thought he could do was to forge an accident.

    He started driving recklessly as if an accident was about to happen. Everywhere was dark, he didn’t know what he was doing likewise until the fake accident was beginning to be real. Had he known, he shouldn’t have driven the way he did, he was trying to help himself and get the car back on track but everything was just going against his wish until the fake accident eventually became a reality.


    “But I don’t think it is necessary for this phone to be retrieved tonight.” Precious continued complaining.

    “I’ve told you earlier to stay at home if you don’t wish to follow me. It isn’t by force, is it?”

    “Sorry oh” Precious turned her head away from her and continued pinging. It was after few minutes she heard Maria shout.

    The car halted at once. “Accident.” She said softly as her heartbeat increased rapidly. That would be her first time of meeting an accident scene. Precious also raised her head up at once, her BlackBerry dropped in between her laps, on the seat. “What do we do?” Precious dreaded.

    At the same spot, Maria had started shivering. It was already dark, what could be done? Her heart kept beating wildly. “I guess we can help.” She said quietly without taking her eyes off the car. “Help? Em.. Maria do you think it’s going to be normal to help? It’s risky.” She said, trying to control her anxiety.

    Maria removed her seat belt. “Let’s save a life.” She summoned courage and tried to alight when she stopped again. She was apprehensive. “Let’s save them, it’s good to help.” Precious persuaded her. She had also changed her mind, remembering the fact that her father had once had a fatal accident.

    Both came down and walked toward the car slowly. Maria opened the driver’s side while Precious opened the door of the passenger’s side. Maria felt Ray’s temperature, it didn’t look as if he was breathing any longer. Blood was all over his head, and a big wound. He had hit his head against big metal where the car hit strongly.

    The extent at which he hit his head on the metal made him unconscious. Both of the ladies dragged each of the guys into their car. Though,  it was risky but the risk had to be undergone to save their lives.

    They headed to the hospital instantly, trembling with fear.


    The five of them were admitted instantly they got to the hospital. It was a very fatal accident, especially for Raymond who hit his head against a metal strongly. “This is very bad…” Precious kept saying.

    The ladies sat down for more than fourty-five minutes before the Doctor came around and told them he’d like to see them in his office. He discussed the situation of things to them and the worse condition Raymond was lying in. He told them to pay additionally for Raymond because a specialist would be called to treat him properly and if care wasn’t taken it might turn into madness because of the pressure. He also added that there was no guarantee of the guys living.


    “Where’s this guy now? It’s late already.” Lawrence yawned, complaining.

    Paul picked up his mobile phone and called Ray’s mobile number but it was just ringing, he didn’t pick up.

   “He called earlier that he took Cynthia to the hospital and he said he’d come home to change his dress, if he wouldn’t come any longer, he’d have called us.” Ayomide said.

    “Wait, what did that dude call the name of the hospital?” Ismail enquired.

    “I don’t know, he just said hospital.” Ayomide replied.

    “See, Raymond isn’t a kid. He might have slept in the hospital with Cynthia like that. You guys had better not stress yourselves.” Lawrence waved his hand, dismissing the discussion.

    “I know, but Ray had told me he was coming home for the past roughly two hours and he’s not yet home. If wouldn’t come home again, he’d have called and he’s not even picking up his phone calls. It’s unlike him!” Ayomide stood up.

    “I reason with Ayomide.” Ismail stood also.

    “Let’s go and check on him in the hospital to confirm.” Ayomide said.

    “Which hospital do you know he is in?” Lawrence questioned Ayo.

    “There’s a hospital not far from his office. Banby Hospital, he might be there.” Ayomide replied and picked his car key.

    “Guys let’s all go together.” Ismail persuaded them.

    “I’m not going. I’ve told you he’s no longer a kid. Is he?” Lawrence laid on the floor.

    Paul also stood up, ready to follow them.



    The three guys walked into the hospital and demanded from the nurse at the reception to see Raymond.

    It was the hospital where Cynthia was brought, so, Ayomide guessed right. “There’s no Raymond here.” She replied them, trying to remember those that were rushed to the hospital in the evening.

    “He rushed a lady here… It seems he left for somewhere..” Paul said, as if he was sure. He knew that was what must have happened.

    “Ooh! You mean uncle Ray? He brought a lady and left this place like two hours back. He said he was going home and would be back soon. And if I may ask, hope there’s no problem?” She calmed herself. She really didn’t know the guys before her, who could say if they came for another business.

    “We’re his friends. He called us that he was coming home amd we’ve not seen him. But never mind.” Ismail said and took some steps backward.

    “Let’s go.” Ayomide walked out.


    “He hasn’t returned yet?” Cynthia asked.

    “Yes… Maybe the guy has gone home to sleep. He has tried.” Paulina replied.

    “No. I know Raymond. He wouldn’t do such a thing.” Cynthia said, wondering.

    “So you want him to sleep over? Won’t he prepare for work?” Aliyah smiled.

    “Something tells me all is not well. He hasn’t been picking up his calls likewise.” Cynthia complained.

    “Do you expect him to? A guy who ran away.” Esther laughed.

    Cynthia sighed. “Alright.”


    Next morning. 8:45 am.

    “You were just arguing! Have we now seen him?” Ayomide shouted at Lawrence.

    “Now, none of us can go to our places of work. You were adamant, I’ve always told you about this stubbornness.” Ismail hissed and sat down.

    None of the guys could sleep well, they were wondering where he could be. They’ve been chiding him since they returned from the hospital the last night.

    “I’m sorry. From all indications,  I thought he was there.” Lawrence felt repentant.

    “What’s the next step to be taken? What do we do?”  Paul asked softly from his seat.

    “I think.. some of us will go to the hospital to inquire from Cynthia if she had heard from him. From there, if everything should be the same, we are going to the trackers instantly to track his car. From there, we’ll know where he is.” Lawrence suggested.

    “So your brain can work this much..” Ayomide unfolded his arms, ready to do anything wished.

    “Where do we start? Lawrence and I will visit the hospital, you guys should go and meet our trackers to help. And how can we locate his phone likewise? It’s going to help.” Ayomide uttered.

    “Alright, just go with Lawrence. Everything would be taken care of.” Paul stood up on his feet.


    “He’s still unconscious.” The Doctor informed Maria and her friend.

    Three out of the thieves had already passed on while the remaining one was still struggling to live. Raymond was still unconscious, hoping he’d wake up soon.

    “I just hope we don’t get ourselves into a big trouble with this help we are rendering.” Precious said to Maria quietly.

    “I’ve been pondering on that too. The people we don’t know,  three out of them are dead now.” Maria sighed.

    “Let’s get another person involved. Should I call Peter to come and help? At least he’s a cop.” Precious asked.

    Peter was her cousin. “That’s good. We don’t have the contact of any of them. Let’s go to the place we met them and search the car if we’re going to find phones.” Maria suggested.

    “That’s another nice idea.” Precious smiled.

    “Let’s get going..” Maria stood up.

    She hardly stood when she heard a nurse call her. “We just confirmed that another one died… one is left.” She got her informed.

    “Which one of them?” She quickly asked.


“Good day.” Ayomide greeted Cynthia and her friends after they’ve been allowed in.

“Good morning.” They replied slowly, wondering who they were and what they came for.

“We are Raymond’s friends and came to ask if you’ve seen him today. He told us he brought someone here last night and he would come home but we didn’t see him.”

Cynthia sat up. “You’ve not seen Raymond?” Her heart skipped a beat.

“Yes. We were wondering if he has been here.” Ayomide added.

“We’ve also been wondering. Where could he have gone to?” Cynthia was breathing heavily.

“So, he’s not here.. we’ll get back to you.” Ayomide and Lawrence turned back, heading outside.

“And Cynthia said it oh.. She was saying it that Raymond wouldn’t have done that. Where could he have gone?” Paulina’s heart was beating fast.

“This is serious.” Esther uttered and placed her right hand on Cynthia’s shoulder. “You have to take a rest, he might have gone somewhere.”

“No! Something is happening..” she stood up.

“And where are you heading to?” Aliyah asked her.

“I’m now alright, lets go. I have to find him.” She said.




  1. Ray must no have amnesia o, he must not forget Cynthia o… Nice work boss, it is hard to wait till nxt week to knw wot will happen o


  2. T.Dan,weldone,pls Ray shouldn’t be the fourth guy that died,let help come to him soon bcos i can’t imagine what will happen to Cynthia.


  3. An amazing storyline, can’t wait to find out if Raymond is OK . By the way, why is the story called peace and April ? I just wanted to know .


    1. @ Vickie:

      Peace & April –

      P- Paulina
      E- Evelyn
      A- Aliyah
      C- Cynthia
      E- Esther


      A- Ayomide
      P- Paul
      R- Raymond
      I- Ismail
      L- Lawrence.

      combination of their names gives


      GOT THAT?


  4. Ray will survive,just that i dont know what will be the fate of cynthia with this Ray’s accident.Anyway shaa,GOD dey coz destiny may be delayed but it can never be denied,if they are meant for each other,they will surely get back together.Everything that happens in life happens for a reason,maybe GOD wants to use the accident to take David to a greater glory.Lets keep our fingers crossed and watch the drama as it unfolds.T-Dan,well done!!


  5. hmmmmmmmm
    if I may ask was Raymond not putting on his seatbelt? Hw can he come about that with the seatbelt on…
    weldone t.Dan u r really doing great here


    1. Oga KingPhilip.. if u were the one by that time of d night, d thieves in d car, you sef will b in suspense coz u won’t know wetin dem go do u. is that d time u will use seat belt? lol…


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