What does he have to say? Cynthia was eager to know. “What?” She asked as if she had been expecting him to say something before.

    I’m sorry I can’t say it again, I just don’t know why… “it’s been long Dad visited the company, I hope there’s no problem ma?” He changed his mind.

    God! Disappointed!  I thought he wanted to say it… “He’s been busy.” She smiled.

    “That’s good, it’s always good to be busy because an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.” He chuckled.

    They continued discussing until they finished eating their lunch. Raymond was fulfilled. He spent more time with Cynthia that day though he couldn’t express himself. He had imagined what Cynthia would do to him if he told her he loved her. I can’t stand it! He’d hit his fists together and give up on it. He’d remember again and just try to think on something else.


    It was evening, Cynthia got ready to visit her father’s place to know what Donald wanted her for. She was desperate, but, wouldn’t give in to any funny or foolish pranks. She’d play her game wisely.

    She parked her car at the front of the house and came down. The house wasn’t different from what she saw, a month ago when she came with her brother and Grace. She thought her father would have designed his name outside the building as he had always said he’d do. She wiped her face and smiled.

    The flowers outside the building were well trimmed and beautiful. Everywhere was neat and had nice scent. She walked to the main gate amd knocked. She had forgotten there was a bell she could press beside the pedestrian gate. The gatekeeper came out immediately and enquired about who was at the gate. Immediately he knew it was her, he opened the gate instantly and bowed.

    Cynthia liked the gatekeeper because he was such a respectful guy. “How have you been?” She grinned.

    “Fine ma. Happy birthday.” He smiled.

    “Thanks so much, you can use this to buy something.” She gave him a sum of five thousand naira and walked in. “I’m really grateful, God bless you.” The gate keeper was happy.


    RAYMOND smiled as he took of his shoes. “How far guys?” He stepped in.

    “Badoo, how una dey?” Lawrence greeted him first.

    “I no bad oh, what of you?” He grinned and shook him.

    “We don set table, make we go celebrate the birthday for you.” Ayomide smiled.

    “I’m good, Raymond…. why you dey jump!” Lawrence faced Ayomide.

    “What have I done again?” Ayomide faced him him too.

    “How was work today?” Ismail asked.

    “It was fantabulous!” Raymond laughed.

    “I knew it! I knew it’d be, Cynthia right?” Paul grinned.

    “Abeg make una shut up, Oga Raymond, come gist una guys na.” Lawrence smiled too.

    “We went out together to eat.” He said and brought out his mobile phone.

    “You and who?” Ismail hardly let him complete his sentence before cutting in.

    “You know I told you this morning that you think like an goat..” Lawrence replied Ismail.

    The guys all laughed at him. “An goat..” They chorused amd made jest of him.

    “Shut up jurh, I wanted to say an unicellular organism before I changed it to goat so I forgot to change the an.” He also laughed.

    “But wait, guy, how was the outing? Did you tell…” Ismail tried to enquire.

    “Heys! Abeg, make you leave my guy alone..” Paul stood up and walked to Raymond. He pulled him up and pushed him outside. “Did you tell her?” He asked him quietly.

    “See guy, the thing no easy. I never tell her.” He laughed.

    Paul hissed and walked inside. “Wetin shele?” Lawrence asked Paul.

    “Him don fumble again..” Paul waved his hand angrily.

    “Wait, what’s your own business? It’s my life, not yours. At least me get person I dey look for face, which of you get babe for hand.” Raymond sat back and laughed.

    “At least, we just don’t want to, it’s not we are afraid to speak to a lady. When we are not someone that we know but can’t tell..” Ayomide made jest of him and made them laugh.

    Raymond hissed and stood up and was heading inside when he noticed the dinning table was full of drinks, snacks and packs of food. He was hungry,  just wanted to change his dresses to casual wears. “Where did you guys get these?” He walked back to the living room, grinning.

    “Thief, I thought you were going inside angrily. Let’s go and eat guys!” Lawrence smiled and stood up.


    “Welcome dear.” Cynthia heard from behind and turned around. No need of been doubtful again, that was Donald’s voice. Who’s his dear? She thought within herself.

    “Hi.” She waved and walked faster.

    “But wait, let’s walk together.” Donald also increased his pace. “How have you been?” He tried to discuss with her.

    “Good.” Cynthia knocked at the door by the main entrance before she walked in. Donald followed, immediately.

    Why is everyone here? Cynthia muttered as she entered. She could sight Donald’s sister, Precious and even his father on seat. She exhaled deeply before she showed her face. She greeted all of them and sat down, isolating herself from where they were. Donald made his way beside her and sat comfortably. “Now, let’s go and celebrate.” Donald stood again, smiling.

    “Happy birthday, Cynthia.” Her father smiled to her.

    So this man can smile this much? I’m sure it’s because of those on seat. She waved to her father and forced a smile. She was getting tired of them until they all stood up amd walked outside. Donald pulled her up and told her to follow him outside, her gift was outside.

    What’s happening?  She stood up and followed him.

    On getting outside, a brand new Toyota Highlander Jeep had been parked. Daniel, Cynthia’s father was standing right beside it, admiring it. “This is beautiful.”

    What’s the meaning of this? She thought and shook her head. “Thanks but I don’t think you need to go this far.” She said, standing away from the car while others were admiring it.

    “I don’t understand you, do you mean you don’t like it?”

    Cynthia gave a sharp glance. “I do but I don’t think I can ride it because I hate Jeeps.”

    Donald chuckled. “Jeeps are meant to be ridden by us, not the good for nothing paupers.” He said.

    “Why do you talk this way? Are paupers not humans too?”

    “But we are different from one another. You can’t even compare yourself to me… don’t let me talk much, I can help you change it to a small car right now.”

    “You are such a.. I don’t know the that right adjective to use on you. I don’t like people like you, if you don’t know.” She hissed and left angrily.

    Cynthia drove into the compound and parked the car. She waited for some minutes before she walked in. She was still angry, right from time she had known who Donald was and knew he wouldn’t part with his arrogance and pride. She walked in and met her friends, already prepared the dinner for the celebration. She was welcomed in by Paulina with a smile. Seeing her friends also made her calm down, she smiled and sat down. “What would you like to eat?” Aliyah asked her.

    “Anything edible but I have to shower.” She smiled amd stood up.

    “Don’t be long, or should I come and help you?” Evelyn teased her.

    “No, go and call Raymond to do that.” Esther added while they all laughed.

    Cynthia laughed in. She knew her friends would definitely make her lively again after her mood had been disturbed by Donald.

    The ladies were still gisting in the living room and merry making till Cynthia returned wearing her night gown. “How was your various offices?” She enquired on sitting down.

    “Alhamdullilah.” Aliyah grinned.

    Aliyah was the C.E.O of Aliyah’s Beauty, where she had a whole building to herself for where hair plaiting and dressing for customers were done. She had a lot of stylists and had another big shop for weavons and attachments of various types. Her aunty did send her the goods every week and she did make millions in a week also because she had many customers at hand.

    She had liked making hairstyles right from her adolescent stage and had painted a picture that she’d become a popular person at it when it was time. Yes, her dream had finally came through. She had cell phone numbers of celebrities who did come to her place to make their hairs and she was rich and comfortable.

    “I know yours will be good..” Cynthia smiled.

    “So how was the day with Raymond?” Aliyah asked her.

    “He got to know today’s your birthday?” Paulina quickly asked.

    “Yes oh, it was a great surprise to me when I met his gift on my office’s table. He got me my portrait and a Bible. He’s even my birthday mate, you won’t believe it.”

    “Wao! Husband and wife.
    “That’s good, eager to know what happened next.” Evelyn smiled.

    “I know you’ll be the one to talk. We went out, to eat lunch.” She shook her head, laughing at herself.

    “Why are you now blushing?” Evelyn grinned.

    “Blushing?” They all laughed.

    “I’m serious.” She laughed too.


    ACE SUPERMARKET was one of the most popular supermarkets in Ibadan, which belonged to Unaigwe Paulina. She was a young beautiful lady that took a great pride in her appearance. She was single and a devoted christian, who had a lot of customers. Her supermarket was just a ten minutes drive back to Carlton Estate, where she lived with her friends.

    She was putting on a black skirt suite with beautiful white camisole worn inside. She used on her, gold earrings and had Ghana weaving hairstyle which she plaited at Aliyah’s place.

    The Supermarket had two entrances for coming in amd exiting. It was at the junction of Omolayo, a popular Estate.

    Paulina got to work late because she slept late with her friends the previous night. She had been called by the secretary concerning some managers from Tomab Services who would like to discuss with her concerning their poultry drugs, if she could also have a section for poultry drugs in the supermarket.

    She rushed out of her Honda Pilot because she hated delaying clients. She walked as fast as she could and tried to bring out her phone from her black handbag.

    She wasn’t looking forward, her mind was at the phone she was searching for until she accidentally collided wih a young man who came to pick some provisions. “Is it that you are blind or what?” The man chided her.

    Paulina wondered how some guys could lack manners. At least she never knew the man was on the way and still, he couldn’t leave the way for her.

    She stared at him for seconds before she said she was sorry. “Sorry for yourself! I know your types, they come here to pick chocolates of hundred naira worth and leave, rubbish.”

    Paulina was getting indignant. “Please come.” She stretched her right hand forward and moved her fingers continuously. “What else do you want? You want to fight me?” The guy approached her with a husky voice.

    “Please follow me.” She walked in and the guy followed her. He thought she wanted to take him in to lambaste him but Paulina’s aim was told make him know she wasn’t poor.

    “Welcome ma.” One of the sales ladies welcomed her and moved toward her to help her with her handbag. “How are you?” She waved at her.

    “Good ma.”

     “Leave the bag.” She stopped and smiled. “Who attended to this man?” She pointed at him.

    “I was the one.” She replied.

    “Give him his money and you…” she turned to the guy, pointing at him. “Pick anything of your choice, the bill is on me.” She was smiled and walked in.

    What’s the meaning of this? The guy hated himself.

    “Please sir, come and receive you three thousand naira.” The young lady in her twenties said to him and walked back to her post.

    The guy walked up to her. “Who’s that lady?”

    The sales lady smiled. “She’s the owner of this place, our oga.”



      Evening, 6:07pm.

    Paul parked at the front of Ace supermarket and walked in slowly. He was about to enter when Paulina was coming out and both collided again like the incident that happened earlier that day. Paul raised his head gazed at Paulina, she was just beautiful.

    He smiled and popped his collar. He helped her pick her mobile phone and smiled. “I’m sorry.” He said, still smiling.

    “I should be the one sorry.” Paulina smiled.

    It made her remember what happened earlier that day, all men are definitely not the same! She affirmed. Paul was so cool towards her unlike the man who chided her earlier,  though they were both at fault. “I’m Paul.” He tried to introduce himself.

    “Paul?” Paulina was amazed. She grinned and wiped the screen of her mobile phone with the handkerchief she had with her.

    “What’s making you laugh?” Paul also grinned.

    “I’m also Paulina.” She laughed.

    “Wao! What a coincidence, nice to meet you.” Paul stretched his hand forward for a shake.

     They exchanged hands. “Let me give you my card.” Paul brought out his wallet and gave her his complementary card. He continued, “I supply computers, laptops. Where do you work?”

    Paulina chuckled. “I work here, in short, I own this place.” She replied.

    “Wao, nice one. Just patronize my company, I’ll make sure everything you buy from us have discounts.”

   “No problem,  thanks so much.” Paulina smiled and waved at him.


    Raymond stood at once, he was ready to leave the office. It wouldn’t be nice without greeting his boss without leaving, he thought and picked up his mobile phone and iPad. He walked out of the office slowly and headed to Cynthia’s. He knocked softly and awaited response but he heard nothing.

    He opened the door slightly and saw Cynthia on seat. She was putting her head on the table, perhaps she might be tired. Raymond walked inside slowly and spoke so that she’d wake up. “Ma.”

    Cynthia rose her head up instantly, and placed her right palm on her forehead. She wasn’t looking lively at all. “What’s wrong?” Raymond could read it on her face that she wasn’t looking alright.

    “I have a serious headache. It happens once in a while but usually chronic anytime it happens.” She replied.

    “I’m so sorry, just came to tell you everyone is about leaving and to know If there’s something I can help you with. You won’t be able to drive this way..” He expressed himself sadly and dropped the iPad he was holding. He put his phone inside hos pocket and picked Cynthia’s car key. “Let me drop you off at home.” He said.

    “Don’t bother, I’ll drive.” She forced out a smile. She wasn’t feeling alright to an inch, it had reflected in her facial expression and pitch of her voice.

    “No, I can’t leave you this way. It won’t be good for you to have this headache and drive home. Please stand up, let’s go.”

    “I still insist, I can’t stand until I’m relieved or else I might collapse.” She said slowly.

    “You still can’t drive even when you are relieved. Have you eaten?”
    “No, I can’t eat anything.” She placed her head back on the table.

    “Firstly, you have to eat and drink a lot of water. Another thing is that you have to go home and rest properly because its getting dark.”

    “Mr Raymond, I’ll be fine,  just don’t worry.” She didn’t want to bother him.

    “Miss Cynthia, please ma let me worry.”

    Cynthia couldn’t laugh though she wished she could. The headache was getting more chonic, she was in pain. 

    “I said I can’t walk!” She hit her right hand on the table and felt a sharp strike of headache again. Her reaction showed clearly what she was passing through.

    “Can I carry you?” Raymond was frank.

    Please don’t leave, though I don’t want to bother you but being with me seems to be relieving my heart, Raymond. Wish you can carry me but I can’t say it. I can feel your heart desire…

    “Carry me?” I’ll be fine. She exhaled softly.

    “So until you feel relieved you won’t leave this place?” Raymond asked again.

    “Y.. yes.” Cynthia stuttered. Walking now seems to be dangerous, I wish you can take me home. I don’t wish to turn you down, let me try to walk.

    She stood up. Her two eyes were not fully opened as she stood. The headache was causing pains for the two eyes. She always hated herself whenever she had such headache and wished it could disappear because it was usually painful and unbearable.

    “Let me try to walk.” She said and started walking slowly.

    She hardly took the fifth step than she fell. Raymond trembled and dropped his iPad that he had picked before. He picked her car key again and carried her instantly. He rushed downstairs, almost all of the staffs had gone, though the secretary was still around, awaiting Cynthia to come out of her office. She followed David instantly she saw him with Cynthia. She kept shouting, asking what was wrong.

    “Please sir, wait for me, I’ll be back to pick my car.” He told the gate keeper and drove out, straight to the hospital.


    RAYMOND didn’t give the nurses at the reception a breathing space all because of Cynthia. The nurses had been whispering to one another, laughing at him. He remembered he told the gate keeper to wait for him and it was already dark. He told the nurses he’d be back, though he had been given the list of the prescribed drugs tp be bought, he still waited. He told them he’d get the drugs before coming back.

    The nurses were still laughing at him. “Even if he’s the husband, the problem shouldn’t be as much as this. I overhead him speaking with the Doctor that the lady is his boss.” The nurses continued whispering.


    David stopped a motorcyclist and mounted on it. He told the motorcyclist where he was going to and told him to speed up as fast as he could. He was dropped at the front of the company and paid off the driver. He was glad the gate keeper waited for him, he smiled and gave him two thousand naira.

    “How’s madam now?” The man asked David.

    “Fine.” David said and entered into his car. He had forgotten he had Cynthia’s phone with her until he entered into his car and felt his pocket was filled up. He brought it out and met seventeen missed calls on the phone.

    He called one of the numbers, Aliyah’s own. He got her informed about what happened and assured her Cynthia was getting better. He described the hospital to her and told her to bring some of her clothes because she’d need to have change of clothings.

    He got the drugs and got back to the hospital again. He greeted the nurses and asked after Cynthia. He was told she had gotten better.

    Raymond felt relieved and sat down. His friends had been calling his mobile phone too, he felt he should go home to change his clothes too and tell his friends about the latest development.

    He got up again and told the nurses he’d be back soon. He told them Cynthia’s friends might come to ask after her but he’d be back soon. He left the hospital and sped off till he got to a junction he was stopped by some guys and they entered into his car forcefully.


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  1. T.Dan, weldone more oil to your bones.Raymond was driving i don’t think he entered one chance oh. He would have claim or declare he was her BF or fiance so that when she regain consciouness he would explain better and Nigerian nurses are very good at gossipping.


  2. Welldone bt who are dos guys dat enter Raymond’s by force. Hp they ‘ll nt kidnapp him. Or mayb dy’re his friends.


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